Tuesday, September 19, 2017


“Dear! Can I discuss this matter with...." 

Shh! Don't tell anyone now.. 

Let's keep it a secret till we reach a stage on the issue. One knows, every one around would know in no time. Agreed, we don’t want the News Item being talked of so much at this stage itself? When it's time, we'll surprise people announcing our XXXXXX!”

“You are right and I took all precautions. I know, a secret of home should never be revealed. No issues!" 

“That's nice.. Now, let’s talk of tomorrow’s Plan. Are the window glass shutters fully closed so that our talk is never overheard outside?”

“Don't worry.This is winter and I keep the shutters of all windows closed daily evening at 6 PM so that the house remains warm. The exhaust fan provides necessary ventilation and actually under it's dull noise nothing will be heard from inside!" 

“OK dear! Now, let's sit in the middle of the room and talk. I ever doubt sitting near to a partition wall or window and talk. It's easy to be overheard there whatever precautions we may take!”

“Shall I note down our proposed plan of activities in this book so that we don't miss major works involved in completing our XXXXXX?”

“Not at this moment.. Sometimes from such scribbles and notes too a lot can be inferred. I heard people taking out scrap chits from trash and guessing the matters!”

"You are right!"

“OK! Let's start at 10 AM tomorrow and finish off…."

"You forgot.. Our Rohit’s Class Teacher had sent a Slip asking us meet her and as she wants to discuss with us about his......."

"Done! We'll start at 9 itself tomorrow and finish off both the works. No problem!”

The next day at 9 AM, in the Basement Parking Area..

“Hi, Rohit! What happened? Why are you here? No school?”

“Uncle! am going to school with my parents. They are coming down. I'm waiting!”

“What’s the matter dear?”

"It’s about...... and my parents are coming to discuss with our Miss…. They planned to finish off their XXXXXX also along with this!”

“What! I never knew that your parents have finalized on XXXXXX and.....?”

“They started this 2 weeks ago. We went to an Office at..... and met a man. Dad paid off some money and was saying that the rest we'll pay later. Mom was talking on 3 problems to the man and he said okay!"

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  1. Ha ha, Kids have sharper ears than the walls.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation.. Sorry the comment was seen very late!

  2. Innocent kids :-)

    1. Rightly said and thanks for the good comment here.. Sorry, I saw this very late!

  3. :D
    If the kiddo knows, it becomes an open secret. :)

    1. Yes, Divya.. You said it.. Thanks for the same and sorry I saw this comment too late!

  4. so any info needed that seems to be a secret just catch hold of the kids! :)

    1. Rightly said, Sahithya.. It sure happens.. Thank you and sorry.. I saw the comment quite late!

  5. :D :D I know kids can do this.

    1. Yes, Indrani.. It often happens.. Thanks for the comment and sorry I missed to see the comment long back!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks for the appreciation.. Sorry, I saw the comment late!

  7. If I want to spread anything I just share with my kiddos. Best way isn't it. Kids can't keep secret in their tiny tummy