Saturday, November 4, 2017


(written in 22 minutes and completed photo upload in 08 minutes with typo errors left out without correction)

The Little One of 5+ at the park was totally in playful mood.. It was Saturday evening. The mom said,

"dear let's stop now. We got to go home and study!"

"Mommy Iwant to play more!"

"Monday and Tuesday go in Halloween. Sunday tomorrow is any how holiday.. 3 days together.. So today studies are must!"

"But all saturdays I won't study!"

Look.. You studied the entire week so well.. So much disciplined..

Why today say this?.. No excuse.. Finish Reading more today!"

"No today is my holiday.. I'll not study!"

dear.. Time up.. Stop talking and let's go home!"

The little boy soon made a big cry..

"If you cry, I'll not send you for your Halloween party. Stop that.. We are going home!

In the car the boy sat with his grandpa and was following the GPS..

"The traffic is red.. We'll go late.. I can't study today!"

"No prob.. You relaxed a lot. As soon as we go home, you are studying!"

The child was silently observing outside and the GPS. Meanwhile the mom got a call..

"what's the matter, dear?" the dad asked the daughter..

"Dad! I got to work from home for 2 weeks. they are paying me.... for these 2 weeks.. Only thing is I got to sit tight from 10 to 6. Our boy's special class and studies at home, you should take care these 2 weeks!" said the daughter.

"No problem dear You concentrate on your work. I'll take care of the boy!"

'Mommy where are you going?"

"No where dear.. I'll be at home. But I'll not come with you to your special class.. Grandpa will take you and evening too you should sit with grandpa for your studies!"

"After Halloween, is it"

"Yes.. From Wednesday I am working. 3 days rest for all of us!"

The Little One was looking at his mom silently. The mom in no time understood the boy's tension..

Soon they were at home.. As they got down car and entered the house, the mom said with a big smile on her face..

"Okay dear! Today no studies for you!"

Instantly the child 's face had a 1000 W bulb glow..

He ran to grandpa saying,

"Grandpa! No studies today. Tomorrow and 2 more days. Total 4 days.. No studieeees!" he screamed allowed..

The mom with all smiles patted the boy. The grandpa too joined them..

"Yes.. No studies.. 1,2,3,4 days.. Sunday, tomorrow we go out and the next 2 days..


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  1. Entertaining one! I enjoyed the conversation and dialogues. Here's my entry: ..Have a look at it..

    1. Thanks Swati Sarangi for the appreciation.. Yes.. I read the Post and left my comment on the same.. A nice Write-up.. Best Wishes!

  2. A very adorable conversation. I enjoyed reading and understood the child's elation at being let off studies as my daughter behaves the same way!

    1. Rightly said, Sapna.. Children forever love that freedom.. Thanks for the good comment on the Post.. Best Wishes!

  3. Replies
    1. Rightly said Rajeev.. Love the comment.. Thanks for the same!

  4. Very nicely described the disinterest of a child for study...which almost we all had.

    1. Rightly said, Jyotirmoy.. That's what a child is.. Thanks for a good comment on the Post!

  5. No studies for four days... that's a lottery! Loved this relatable conversation!

    Anagha recently posted Sifting Sands Of Time and Thoughts

    1. You are right Anagha.. It should have been 3 days and the place is not India.. These 2 are overlooked in the 30 min write-up with no chance for correction.. Thanks for the good comment on the Post!

  6. Lucky are the grandkids who get to share a happy bond with their grandparents! :) Here's my entry

  7. Lucky are the grandkids who get to share a happy bond with their grandparents! :) Here's my entry

    1. Very rightly said, Ishaera.. Equally the grandparents too are blessed with those interactions.. Thanks for the good comment here and sure, I'm going thru' the entry of yours mentioned!