Monday, December 18, 2017

  • “My dear! It's not easy for you to know the Truth in life without any experience of leading a full life on the earth. Only when you live through the travails of life with it’s up and downs and at length understand that there's truly nothing great in this mundane life, then alone you would be fit to enter the Chapter of Renunciation.
  • The Great Saint too earlier to attaining His Sainthood, when showed interest to embrace Renunciation was advised by His Master to live the full life as a king with all the related responsibilities as the No 1 prerequisite therein.
  • So, Renunciation is never for a young man like you without that valuable experience and I advise you to drop all this thinking and get into your usual activities of life which are more important at this stage of your life!” 
Thus was saying an aged man to an youngster who showed a lot of interest to embrace the Path of Renunciation and was cooling him off.

A man of the same age but of deep intuition and understanding who happened to listen to that talk, intervened and said to the aged man,

  • “My dear! I agree that many times what you've advised the young man is more appropriate as such a state of mind in general is an emotional state which sure in time fades off without a say. Here advising on leading the life with normal responsibilities is sure the best course of action for most of the young men and women.. 
But equally we've to remember a point here..
  • The thrust to embrace Spirituality in the world is ever associated with great vigor, strength and energies and is never the other way. So to say, the youth alone is ever fit for this Great task..
  • I may need to correct your story of the Great Saint to have more meaning to what you said.. He, as the story says, lead the full life of a King in the earlier birth to fulfill the requirement of living thru' responsibilities and thus was ready for renunciation at the young age which happened in an auspicious moment without any effort involved. The point we should never forget here is that when we interact with an young person in this direction, 
He/she might have already gone through all these and is presently a dormant dynamo living among us with some veils of ignorance covering the Great Understanding ready to be unveiled to a certain level at any moment!
  • It's like that told in the story wherein when the night watchman on vigil was repeating, 
“Be awake and take care!”
  • Most of the residents got up from sleep, checked their doors for security and again went to sleep except an young man who thought, 
“Am I sleeping in my life?”
  • And thus with a routine saying, straight away got the Great Awakening in His life, opened the door at that very moment instead of closing/locking and left home for ever to do Meditation and live thru' Penance! 
  • These may be stories but the fact is that we really don’t know what is in store for any one around us including ourselves! 
So whenever I've to address such instances, let me no doubt start advising on leading a normal life with the usual responsibilities but at the back of my mind let me not forget the fact that the person whom I'm advising too can be a certain level Elevated Soul who needs a different kind of advice if required!"


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