Sunday, December 31, 2017


As I looked back into yr 2017 to take forward 5 things to yr 2018 in respect of disciplining myself and becoming a better individual useful to the myself as well as to the society, strangely the number never stopped there but steadily rose as I continued that introspection.

I thought.. It's okay.. If not 5, let me count the shortcomings and let me take all of them forward with a firm promise within that I do improve there..

Thus I got into certain thoughts and went on counting on the points wherein

  • I firmed up initially doing in the right way
But always ended up in either
  • Shelving it or 
  • Totally doing in a different or 
  • Doing a little in that direction and soon changing my intentions!
As I thus started counting my failures of doing the right, soon I found that the numbers invented were not enough to cover all of them as the figures straight away shot up infinitely..

I was aghast for a while but quickly reconciled to the fact that it's not the short comings of mine that need to be addressed instead I should change myself..

As I looked into that subject deeper, I quickly understood that

It's my strong 'self' with me that was doing all that mischief and if at all I should resolve this issue right now, this self alone had to be questioned.

Gone thus deep into the topic, it was not difficult for me finally where I should correct myself..

Many times, I may be easily finding fault with my next man saying that he/she had not risen up to my expectations but where is the guarantee that my expectation is the ‘Right’ one?

It's my own 'Ignorance' holding me tight makes me a 100% feel that what I do/say is the ‘Right!’

In that conflicting scenario, instead of learning the 'New' from the next man I often end up with a pride at my back and thus

  • Brand the man, 
  • Draw a line and 
  • Feel myself different and superior!
But the very fact that the next man too has
  • His/her friends, 
  • His/her well-wishers and 
  • His/her own people who 
  • Go well with him/her and who equally 
  • Put him/her on record for his/her achievements.. 
straight away reminds me the fact..

All is well with the other man.. Something is wrong with me only!

That soon brought out a message in me which I am very much interested to carry forward to 2018 as my takeaway to improve myself viz.,
  • 1) I should start truly caring for the other man to the best of my abilities and whenever I side track there which sure happens at my level of understanding, I should sincerely pull back and once again get into the planned actions!
And here, other than repeating this another 4 times within me like..
  • 2) I should start truly caring for the other man.......
  • 3) I should start truly caring for the other man.......
  • 4) I should start truly caring for the other man.......
  • 5) I should start truly caring for the other man.......
As a pre-requisite of this week's WOW prompt, I don't find another single takeaway with me at this moment!

I hereby wish all my Blogger friends and FB friends a very Happy and prosperous New Year 2018!

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