Wednesday, January 17, 2018


“Sir! I have a doubt. Whatever promises/pledges I make

To myself or
To others with me

In respect of bringing a change in me,

I'm finding that sooner or later I am back to my original behavior and style of living straight away putting my promise/pledge neatly into cold storage.

Not able to face that failure, I start giving fake reasons and thus cover it up nicely but never ever am ready to stick to my promise/pledge made with so much zeal and enthusiasm.

Can you explain how I should discipline myself so that I never break my promises/pledges at any time in my life?”

“My dear! We are individuals of certain personality and all our

Behavioral patterns,
Habits and
Styles of living

Are because of this inside personality built over unknown times. It's a product of my

Originality through my birth,
Hereditary acquired from my parents and ancestors and
Culture and habits acquired by me in the environment in which I have grown! 

Can I modify such a huge built-up of mine just thru' a verbal promise/pledge? Sure never! And without knowing the depth of this, if I promise/pledge in this direction, I will surely fail!

If at any time, I'm emotionally charged or ignited to make a pledge, I better quote to myself as well to others around me that it's more than enough if I stick to the already existing promises/pledges with me in my life like

  • When I exist, there is a Promise/Pledge..
Take care of the body towards good physical and mental health and protect the same from the impending dangers continuously!
  • When I join an Educational Institution, there is a Promise/Pledge..
Improve the learning and get a good name for the Institute of Studies!
  • When I join the Employment, there is a Promise/Pledge..
Work hard to earn a decent salary as per the skills and take care of the Employer’s interest in the best possible way!
  • When I have a Family, there is a Promise/Pledge..
Take care of the welfare of the members of the family the best with available resources and equally feel free and be happy!
  • When I interact in the Society, there is a Promise/Pledge..
Take care of the civic amenities around in the right way and interact and be helpful but not interfere and quarrel with the members of Society!

Etc..Etc.. It's always the wisdom with me that I

See these Pledges of my life more often,
Remember the same as much as possible and
Uphold them thru'


From my end instead of myself getting into unnecessary additional promises/pledges!

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  1. Very aptly put sir. In Tamil we say "Piravi gunam maruma". We should never commit to anything like changing ourselves foolishly. If we live the way we are and are truthful to ourselves it is enough.