Thursday, January 18, 2018


A businessman interviewed a number of eligible applicants for few Manager posts advertised. A common question was asked to each one of them as the selection criteria for the posts.

“What's your best strategy to remain in business constantly working for its improvement?”

Various candidates answered in various ways repeating what they had learnt earlier..

  • ‘Caring for the customer is the most important criteria to remain in business. The customer is a very important person on our premises. He is the back bone of all our activities in business. They say the customer is a king in our business but actually the customer is more than that; he is the god! Here alone....'

  • ‘The manger is the important link between the supervisors/workmen and higher officials. I see that the communication here up the hierarchy is ever kept smooth with timely information on the activities of….’
  • ‘I pay full attention to discipline at my work. Discipline alone works the best here as it cuts short the time and energy wastage. Whatever said and done, I meticulously oversee that ultimately no laziness creeps into my work area with any one by taking appropriate disciplinary measures….’
  • ‘Timely actions many times save us from getting into serious downfalls. Procrastination is the thief of time and here alone a manager has a great role to play. I've a plan of....’
  • ‘Financial discipline is the core ingredient of all business ventures. As manager, I meticulously follow up and see that….’ 
Etc.. Etc.. One candidate answered thus..

'At my work, the customer, both the direct and the indirect customers, the boss and the sub-ordinates constantly interact with me for the smooth handling of the tasks on hand.

In that context, I very much believe that spending a little more of my personal time, energy and monies for the betterment of these personalities than stipulated in my Code of Conduct at my work goes in the long way helping out preventing the recurrent hold-ups.

At the back of this additional contribution alone, I'll follow the rest of all that I learned so far such as....'

The business man gave one hundred percent marks to that candidate and selected him as one of his Managers!

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  1. Nice share :). I guess the idea of work and its ideals varies from person to person, but this very well sums up the essentialities ...

    1. Yes, Vinay! Sometimes, if I question myself whether the Customer is important or myself in No 1 position in life itself, I truly don't get an answer as living without the Customer Concept is never possible.... Thanks for the good comment!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Pushpendra for the compliment.. Love the comment!