Monday, January 15, 2018


A man who used to boast himself a personality of simplicity, ethics and spirituality in life once visited a distant place and extensively roamed around the areas there exploring the surroundings.

All along he noticed the people of that area of almost all ages..

  • Regularly doing strenuous body exercises not bothering for the time of the day, weather and other environmental factors to keep themselves fit and fine,
  • Being always conscious of high nutrition in their diet with many varieties of foods stocked in stores and on the table to satisfy that requirement and
  • Taking extreme care in presenting themselves the best way to the outside world!
On return, the man met one of his elderly well- wishers and casually narrated to him what he observed in the place of visit saying,

“Sir! This body is just with us to make use for our living. For that it's a wonder,
  • How much attention these people pay to remain fit and fine,
  • How many varieties of foods they consume to keep themselves healthy and
  • How much precious time they waste to make themselves look good and smart?
Do we need to do so much for a physical body which any how deteriorates in time? Why not they understand that a discipline of
  • Doing some simple exercises, 
  • Eating limited healthy food and 
  • Having a cheer on the face 
Do all the wonders required in life? 
I see no point in living my life in such a style!” 

The elderly, a deep thinker and a man of total understanding listened to all that, paused for a while and said,

“Dear! For people like us, many requirements in life are met easily with the casual work we do.. I mean to say, a work with lesser competition around! For people of the region you visited, it doesn't happen that way..

They have to face every minute the tough competition to secure even a small item in life. To face such a competition in their working, there is no go for them other than remaining trim..

That trimmed way ultimately is nothing but having a healthy body maintained through tough exercise and good nutrition and presentation through the best grooming.

And to make it a habit of the body and mind, one needs to train himself/herself in that direction from childhood itself else it can't be owned!”

Taken back by the revelation made by the well-wisher, the man said,

“OK, Sir! I understand what you say. My other doubt is.. 'How's that I'm not doing anything like that but still living my life well getting my day to day requirements? Don't you agree that these people have too many expectations in their life?”

The elderly looked at him, smiled and said,

“It's okay.. Expecting more may be a factor with them and that naturally would be predominant when one puts in so much struggle but when you say..

'My requirements are easily met!',

It indirectly means..

'My portion of work is being done continuously by someone else somewhere and I'm purely relaxing at his/her cost!'

Tell me.. What do you say to this and how would you react if the whole thing comes on you at a stroke?"



  1. Great post always, there is something to learn from your posts...they are all very deep ...and needs to be reflected upon

    1. That's nice to hear from you, Vinitha and thanks for the same.. I promise.. I'll try my best to bring out all that that is interesting to my Readers.. Wishes!