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3 young men have planned a great holiday trip deep into a distant jungle area for a week to relax and explore the surroundings. Naturally, the youth have that type of interest and energy with them. For that, they had to take leave from their work. Initially it was not so easy for them but at length somehow the three got their leave sanctioned.

"These Bosses don't understand that we need a holiday off from our work once in a way.. When I demanded my Boss, he simply said,

'Leave from work is not a right; it's just a privilege given to you!'

I argued on the point that LTA is one of the provisions of employment and as per those rules alone, I asked the leave. He had to agree finally as there was no go for him and he just sanctioned it.

A Holiday is must for us to rejuvenate and without that relaxation, we are sure never efficient at our work!"

"Your Boss is better.. Mine said,

'No question of leave for a holiday trip this time. It's given only once in 2 years. You took last year 15 days leave for that. Sorry.. I can't sanction that now once again!'

I argued on the requirement and at length I got it sanctioned. These Bosses simply exploit our skills and when it comes to helping us, they turn away their faces. How can we stay glued to our work all the 365 days?

Life is too boring without these routine holiday trips with us, isn't it? what do you say?"

"You should never yield here. These Bosses won't listen so easily. My Boss is never straightforward. Whenever I ask for leave, he says..

'OK, Dear! No problem. I'll take care of that. Can you just finish this small work first?'

If you fall in his trap, that's all. Those works will never be small, they really would be problematic works which................

I know this and so I equally play a trick. I simply en-cash on certain weak points of my man. I used the same and that's it.. There was no go for him and I got my leave sanctioned without a word further..

After all, without a routine holiday trip, what's the meaning to our life?"

Thus went on their talk of making fun of their Bosses for a while and soon all were in their own jovial mood to get out of the killing monotony within.

The next day, they were out on their long journey to the most remote area talked of. Deep into jungles where everywhere the nature was truly interesting..

Finally, they reached the camp area, got some help from the locals who were few in number and camped at the designated site.

The next day morning, they ventured into the thick forest area through a number of bushy plants and giant trees as they traveled in their vehicle. In the mid of that jungle, they met a man who was doing some work with his 2 children playing around.

The younger one, the boy was trying to fly a small kite with him but he was unsuccessful all along. His elder sister was seen helping him out learn how to fly a kite.

Seeing their struggle, one of the young men helped the boy fly the kite and in no time the boy was very happy seeing his kite flying quite well. The elder sister was curiously looking at the 3 young men.

The young men spoke to the man for sometime enquiring about his living there saying that he was lucky to live amidst such natural life. When asked, they explained to him that they were on a holiday and were exploring the area and the surroundings..

The man listened to all, paused for a while and at length spoke..

"I understand what all you spoke and my Boss too won't listen to anything so easily. He allows me leave my work only when myself and my people are not well, that too for a minimum time. Further, for any important local or family activity, he allows those hrs to leave my work and join back. Nothing more, he gives us and beyond that

We don't ask,
We can't ask,
We don't know what to ask and
We don't know too where to go after asking!

Ok.. Here, from what all you said, I understand and I know how the Boss would be tough in our work never leaving us for a minute but just one word, I couldn't make out. You said, 'The holiday'..

What exactly is the meaning when you say that you are on a holiday?"

Just then having suddenly lost it's balance in the mid air straight in front of the sister,

The Kite fell on the ground. She said, ‘Wish it had strong wings!’,

Took her brother closer and instantly comforted him!

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  1. And we wonder which side is greener. :)

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  3. Good one sir.:) Miserable is the man whose boss doesn't have the word 'Holiday'in his dictionary.

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  6. Very nice take on the prompt, anything too much is not good...relaxation is also needed to give mind a refreshing feeling.
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