Tuesday, January 23, 2018


The grandma used to be too jovial with the little boy of 6+ on the daily distant video call.

"You are my Chand.. You are my Suraj!"

She used to call him with an unexplained emotion in her.

The boy many times liked it as he wanted that petting which invariably the grand parents alone can do max at that tender age but a few times when irritated a little with the forced discipline imposed on him by his mom, he used to say,

"They aren't my names. Call me.......!"

That giving back once in a way looked too soothing for the grandma and instantly she used to doubly assert her right of calling him thus alone.

There the boy could never answer beyond.

That night as usual, the grandma called her daughter on the video call and after few enquiries, noticing that her grandson silently was doing his sketching work not coming in front of the camera directly, said with a distinct emotion indirectly addressing the boy,

"Where's my Chand? I'm not seeing him!"

"It's lunar eclipse today. You can't see your Chand now!"

Aptly replied the boy taking care not to come in front of the camera.

The grandma was totally amused with boy's reply but continuing the fun, she said,

"Okay.. When the eclipse gets over, I can definitely see my Chand.. I think it's almost over now!"

The boy knew that he could never answer her there but was no less to react to the situation instantly..

"Yes.. It's getting over and you can see your Chand now!"

Saying thus, he switched off the room light and straight came in front of the camera.

Unable to see his face clearly, the grandma said,

"Hi! Why did you switch off the light?"

"Because it's night time. The Chand appears only in dark sky!"

The grandma had no way to pull him up. But she too was no less there.

"Okay.. When is the night getting over? I can see my Suraj when it becomes morning!"

The boy was surprised with that sudden twist in the conversation. For a sec, he was at a loss not knowing what to tell her as he knew she would sure pull him up to end the night. But the next moment, he sure had an answer there..

Yes.. Now's it's morning. Your Suraj is in front of you. But.. Sorry.. A badal (black cloud) covered him. You can't see him now!"

Saying thus, he covered the camera with piece of paper..
The grandma got exhausted with boy's smart play. Meanwhile, the mom got her boy some salad and snacks and seeing his favorite dish in front, the boy became too happy and instantly removing the paper in front of the camera said aloud with a beautiful smile on his face..

"Now your Suraj is fully in front of you!"

The grandma and others around were too mesmerized with the trick played by the boy making it ultimately a win-win situation!

Keywords: Chand, Suraj, badal