Wednesday, January 24, 2018


A rich man living in his posh bungalow, after his daily 10-5 work, used spend rest of his time in

  • Offering extended prayers to God,
  • Reading many philosophical books, 
  • Attending various religious discourses,
  • Advising people on the right course of actions, 
  • Involving in extended charitable activities and 
  • Participating in the core home and social activities! 
At the end of the street, away from his bungalow in a small house, a mother having limited finances after her day's hard work used to spend rest of her time in
  • Cleaning and feeding her child as required, 
  • Playing with the little one in between, 
  • Rocking her baby to sleep in the cradle with all the warmth and care,
  • Taking care of her pending house hold work at the back of sincere support from her spouse with
  • No monies left out for charity other than wishing for good of others and
  • No time left out for a prayer to God other than acknowledging His Presence everywhere!
When the sincerity of devotion towards God was put to test, the Divine Blessings were more for the woman rather than for the rich man. To a question raised in respect of this different assessment, a Firm Answer came up..

“The rich man no doubt is my devotee and all along he is doing a good job in the world. But the mother with a limitless dedication created

The home which is the center of the baby’s gentle cries constantly soothed by her warmth and affection through the creaking sounds of the cradle thus helping in bringing up, may not be a rich but a good personality around who later in life would surely do many more similar good works and becomes truly helpful to my Creation!

Further to that,

The rich man’s doings are always secondary compared to the lady’s care towards her child as

  • The man is doing all that because basically he is comfortably placed in life thru' his inherited riches but never thru' his sweat 
  • The woman without any such back up is totally giving out her sweat for the baby's growth which essentially is the need of the hr!”
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