Sunday, January 7, 2018


The specialists and experts from different fields had a meeting in a picturesque resort on a hot day in a mango plantation garden with the ripened fruit hanging all over from the mango trees.

The main topic of the discussion was..

  • How to improve the health, safety and well-being of an individual thru' dedicated research and investigation in the various fields of science and technology and bring out the best to the mankind!
Towards the evening tea break, the sky became cloudy with few dark clouds passing at low levels resulting in occasional drizzles with the cool breeze by the side taking off part of the heat of the day. As the participants were relaxing in the cushioned chairs sipping their steaming hot tea, they could watch an interesting thing happening in distance.

Two small boys were climbing the compound wall of the garden carefully looking out for the watchman. Making sure that he was not in the vicinity, the 2 jumped down the wall into the garden, quickly walked up to one of the trees full with ripened fruit. 

The elder one signaled to the younger to remain on ground, himself slowly climbed the tree and soon reached the branch from where he could lay his hands on the ripened mangoes near by. He quickly plucked a few and carefully dropped them down to the boy below to pick up.

Without loosing much time, he got down the tree and both started running towards the wall with the mangoes in their hands. Just when they reached the wall, the watchman noticed them and instantly shouted.

Hearing that, the two boys quickly climbed the wall. The elder succeeded but the younger slipped and came down. The elder gave his hand and pulled him up. When the little boy just reached the top, a few loosened bricks on the top suddenly gave way but to the boys' luck the whole mass fell outward throwing them off instantly to the other side.

It was purely a chance that the bricks slipped outside for the boys to get off. The two quickly got up, grabbed the scattered mangoes and started running away from the place.

In a little distance away, they both were seen walking slowly homeward rubbing off the dust stuck on to their fruit as well as on to the small wounds they sustained in the process all along eating their precious mango fruit with the juice freely dripping down their arms and on to the shirts that had already become dirty equally unmindful of the fact that they should refrain themselves from stealing. The watchman murmuring within returned to his place.

The specialists and experts who happened to watch the entire episode were silent for a while but an Ultimate Great Message was instantly seen percolating into their minds at the back of the day's hectic discussions..

'Within the limits of legal boundaries, every human being basically knows what he/she wants in life, tries to get it to the best of his/her abilities within the limitations set around him/her and becomes the happiest with the fruits of such actions in a natural way..

However risky the attempts be,
However tiring the processes be and
Whatever be the end result!

Broadly such processes alone are the best for an individual. Trying to soften those attempts and cushioning the processes involved under the guise of getting the 'MAX' out of everything is to be truly made a note of and any research taken up to improve the living standards of individuals should..
  • Never try to tamper with these natural processes as much possible except for a smaller percentage of them where in the temporary set backs of mankind are addressed and the actions are streamlined for the good of every one! 
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  1. Beautifully penned, Sir, with a message conveyed as always. I could feel the excitement of the young brats as I was going through the narration. Good that they made it.... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna for the appreciation.. Rightly confirmed the message..Sorry, I missed seeing this comment!

  2. Brilliant post with invaluable message Sir. Hearty thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Jitendra for the appreciation.. Love the comment!