Sunday, January 21, 2018


It was his first day in college.

The dad was a worried man all along.

'For the first time, the boy is leaving home and going away to stay, study and come up in his life in a totally new environment of hostel life. It does truly it's own good to him in ultimately molding the young personality to a certain level of capability from which point he himself can further pursue his living for his betterment.

But equally he'll miss the warmth of his home and love of his parents and siblings for a while. And a certain influence of new life will sure be there and that path is to be threaded carefully without falling into the clutches of the wrong!'

Thus were going on his thoughts and soon the dad had a certain frame work of discipline in his mind of what his boy was expected to do at the college which had the content..

  • 'Your parents have kept a great hope in you that you come up the best in your life. As such they invested their life time earnings on you to come up so. Let you keep up their expectations!
  • You are in an institution which lays a foundation and gives you the direction for you in pursuing your future profession. Let further a good name come to the college that it has turned out the best students!
  • You are in the process of learning your basic skill here. The start has been made. Let the initial phase go well. This skill can make a beginning no second time!
  • You should remember that a college gives a basic certificate on conduct which will be asked by your first employer without fail. Make sure your Principal writes there ‘good’ before signing!
  • Your college is a place to start interaction with peers. It is great but is complex. Beware of peers’ pressure beyond!
  • Your college is a place of start of learning the social behavior as you get into young adult life. Make a note and learn all the required etiquette!
  • You are likely to involve in certain adventurous life during this period. Let the adventures all be safe and let them be approved by your parents basically!
  • You are likely to exert a lot during this period. This is to be equally supported by nutritious food and proper rest/sleep simultaneously!
  • Your society and culture around are to be surely supported by you and your age group young people all round. There are many great values around us. A few may not be the right ones. Respect the age old culture with modifications here and there to improve the same to suit your times. Never try to get away from your culture at any point of time!
  • Believe in God. All is well that ends well. The Doer is the Almighty. Pray to Him to show you the right path all the time!'
The gist of the entire discipline he conveyed to his son repeatedly and thus left him off to live partly on his own.

All along for the mom, God had left only 2 tasks with her.

The first one was..
  • 'Bring up the child under your care with your limitless love and attention till the young one comes up to a certain growth level of protecting the self against anti-social elements and beyond lead a certain life on own!'
There, sure the boy's mom did a wonderful task all by herself with 100% success!

The second task given to her was..
  • 'Further to that, your child gets off from your physical presence and certain broad control and tries to express self still remaining immature and non dependable. 
  • Here, the cultural values and ethics play a great role and make sure that your ward when physically is with you is nurtured with these values so that the young one even away from you could never be influenced by the external agency in the wrong paths with those instilled values from the very beginning straight away streamlining the thoughts and actions there in the right direction!'
As the peers' pressure started drawing the boy turned young man towards certain activities which from society point of view are looked down and safety point of view better the young ones ever keep off..

Every one sure expected the mom to guide and control a 100% the boy turned young adult indirectly and silently from the distance weaning him away from all those dangerous indirect distractions putting him on the path of right growth and development

And she did it again!

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