Friday, January 19, 2018


I looked at the watch and realized that it was still more than an hr to go to get to my destination. I looked at the young man on the opposite berth who was the only passenger with me left out in the train to alight at the last point and smiled at him. The young man instantly acknowledged my gesture and politely greeted me.

"What are you?"

I asked the young man.. He was silent for a while. I repeated my asking.

"Sir! My story is a bit strange. In life, I wanted to become...... but God is not kind to me and I'm in the middle of.........."

Suddenly I saw myself having more interest towards him. I comforted him saying..

"See dear! Life is a mixture of good and bad. Don't feel dull. What our Spiritual Books say is...."

"But, Sir! I told you.. My issue is a bit strange and......"

"Be brave and take up the task in front with a never failing spirit in you. All our Great Personalities forever affirmed this alone. If you become firm, you sure can move mountains.. Not these pebbles and small boulders you are talking of.....!"

Thus went on my almost a discourse for the next half hr without giving a chance for the young man to speak.

"Now,listen.. Follow what all I said. You sure will be out of your problem and...... And to tell you frankly to this day, this discipline remains the secret of my life which I followed meticulously to remain happy!"

I looked at the young man with a 100% confidence that he was inspired by my talk..

"Great Sir! You talked on the very right attitude required from us to lead this life happily. But..."

"Sorry.. No 'but' here.. Just follow what I said and you'll be....."

Reaffirming thus, I looked out.. The destination was 10 minutes ahead..

"But, Sir.. I can't do the way you told me because...."

Suddenly, I lost my cool..

"What young man? I took so much interest in you and wanted to help you but still...... I think I made a mistake here and......"

"That's not fair on your part to say so, Sir! I'm just saying that..."

"Enough dear! I don't want to listen to anything further on this. It's your wish. I only made a mistake here. Leave the issue now!"

Saying thus and not even bothered to bid bye to the young man, I took my baggage and silently got down from the train with certain no less anger simmering in me.

Further to that, I waked to the parking lot, got into my car left there while going and drove fast for a while till I noticed the fuel coming to the reserve.. I entered the nearest gas station, positioned my car and as the Service Boy came in front of me, said without looking at him.

"Premium petrol tankful!"

The Service Boy was seen still standing there. My anger instantly shot up. I madly shouted,

"Hi! I already said tankful premium petrol.. What else do you want me to say? Can't you understand what I said?"

Saying thus, as I turned and looked at the boy, I instantly saw him with a cheerful smile and all obedience signaling me silently thru' his hand movements confirming that the tank had to be filled full with petrol and further got into his job..

The God photo in front of me above my steering wheel was seen conveying me an Instant Message..

'These Precious Gifts of talking, hearing, grasping, understanding etc are given to you by Me to enable you listen patiently to others who are not up to your level, understand them at their own level and further advise them with compassion on what is possible for them for their good..

Leaving that Sacred Task in front of you, why are you taking reigns into your hands with all pride and ruling the people around you through these very Gifted Capacities with you?"

The post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Write a short story Situation: you spill out a secret of your life to an unknown fellow passenger thinking you will never see him/her again. Later realizes that you opened up with a wrong person. #shortstory

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