Tuesday, February 20, 2018


It was Saturday evening hrs.. The family was out on a visit to the famous park in their neighborhood.

Soon they secured entry into the park by paying a nominal fee for the adults and nil charges for the children.

The park was spread over a huge area with many criss-cross paths all along for visitors to walk round and spend their time amidst the natural environment of countless trees, beautiful flowers, falling twigs, chirruping birds, ponds of waters, few built in fountains and a special play area for children. No doubt the park was truly a boon for the city dwellers to expand for while and get lost themselves to Nature after a tiring week's tension filled busy life!

The family quickly selected an area where they could spend their time in a relaxed way and settled there. The little one of 6+ along with his grandfather soon moved to the near by play area where many children were seen playing, the grandpa all along guiding the child.

The boy in no time was into his active play. A few boys near by instantly became his friends and in a short time they were together running round the play items screaming aloud totally lost in their own world. The birds on the trees started beautifully cooing along with the screaming of the children.

The play went on thus for almost an hr and half and finally the other kids had to move with their parents. The little one said good bye to them and looked at his grandpa.. The grandpa said,

"Dear! It's time we too go home. Mummy and daddy will be waiting for us. We'll come here again the next week. And daily we'll go to our usual park near our house for your play.. Do you like this big park?"

"Yes, Grandpa! I like it.. I can play here with new friends!"

"Do you like all these trees, the flowers, the waters round you, the fish in the waters and the chirruping birds on trees?"


"See dear! We'll keep our home clean, neat and orderly because we love our home, isn't it?"

"Yes.. Grandpa!"

"This park is the bigger home of ours and our Mommy Nature keeps it ready for you to play, make new friends, listen to the chirruping of birds, observe the fishes moving in the waters and see many colorful flowers all round!

Because of our Mommy Nature's care, clouds come over the park, pour rain filling the ponds with water for all the plants and trees. With the rain waters, plants grow and give us beautiful flowers of different colors and smells. The old trees give us shade and cool winds keep us happy..

Do you like what all our Mommy Nature does for us thru' this Big Job?"

"Yes.. I like very much.. I love my park!"

"Then thank Mommy Nature for giving such a beautiful bigger home for you to come whenever you like to run, jump, scream and play!"

"Yes.. Thank you Mommy Nature for giving me all these.. I love you!"

"Also say.. I'll keep this bigger home of mine safe as I play here like my home.. I'll not hurt any plant or flower as I play and when I grow, I'll plant more trees for you everywhere!"

The boy instantly folded his hands and closing his eyes, repeated what his grandpa said!

"Now let's go .. Mommy and daddy will be waiting for you.. On the way, you can have your favorite hot chocolate, okay?"

"Yesssss......" screamed the little boy with an unknown joy clearly seen on his face and soon the family moved towards the near by eatery with the elderly grandpa feeling happy having implanted in the young mind, the concept of protecting Nature and Environment!

Keywords: Nature, Environment