Wednesday, March 7, 2018


It was the cool morning hrs. As a retired person, I had some work to be done in the city and so decided to leave early catching the morning 0730 bus from my colony, finish the work and return home before noon..

  • As I got into the bus and sat in my seat, I saw at pretty long distance a college student running towards the bus with his bag on the back..
  • He never left his attempt in spite of the bus moving ahead, ran on leaps and bounds, crossed the road and instantly stood there with his head bent indicating to the driver his obedience as well as his intention of getting into the bus else he would be missing the first class in the college..
  • The senior driver looked at him, moved the bus a bit ahead but stopped for the boy to get in equally conveying a message that he would not allow breaking the rule of getting into a moving bus..
  • The boy got into the bus, by then as all the seats were occupied, stood close to the vertical bar, opened one of his books and was seen recapitulating it's content..
My heart instantly felt for the boy for his determination and the instantaneous action in meeting the schedule and the expertise shown in the process but equally there was a concern that the boy should have been more careful in that context!

I subsequently finished my work, got into 1 PM bus which was not much crowded and was returning home..

  • At the next stop, a young lady got in with her 3 year old kid with his school bag and simply stood in the bus holding the bar next to her politely refusing a seat offered by a person saying that it was just a 2 stop travel..

  • As the bus conductor approached her, she took out her purse from her hand bag, appeared giving the exact change for the ticket, kept the ticket in her purse, folded the same and kept it in her hand bag all the time holding the bar firmly around one arm paying attention to her child..
  • In the process, she was continuously listening and talking softly to her child who was communicating to her his own school experiences of the day in between praising the boy for the 'Great Little Work' done for the day..
  • The journey continued thus for about 10 minutes, her stop came up and she, with all elegance and care, got down the bus and headed homewards.. 
My heart instantly felt for the young lady in handling such a complex and very much needed work so well without a single murmur except a smile for every question put to her!

As I got down the bus at my next stop and moved towards my destination, a beautiful feeling overtook me in no time as I remembered the day's 2 precious events I came across..

“Hats off to these young men and women around for the very extraordinary skills they exhibit every minute in their lives at the back of the intense stored energies expecting
  • 'Few Simple Returns'
All along depicting a
  • 'Never Failing Smile'
On their faces and an
  • 'Ever Fresh Determination'
In their hearts as life moves on..

A True Gift from the Almighty to the young men and women on the earth!”

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