Friday, March 9, 2018


A man approached an independent 3rd party for a specific requirement. In the process, the 3rd party straight away asked him 3 questions..

1. What are you all by yourself?
2. What is your ancestry?
3. What were doing all these days?

There, he was forced to answer all the 3 questions and the man invariably modified them slightly to make them presentable for the primary acceptance of him by the other party.

Of course, that disclosure wasn't just taken on the face of it by the 3rd party as the final acceptable criteria, it was checked and cross checked again and again thru' reliable agencies and then only the accepting party took a decision whether to..

'Accept the man' or
'Keep him away'

For their requirement..

As I look at the 3 questions asked, it's very much evident that at any point of time in my life, I'm defined as

'So and so'

Forever referring to the 3 entities of mine Viz.,

1. My own traits with which I am born on the earth,

2. The genetically acquired traits I got from my parents and the near time ancestors and

3. My own learning thru' constant interaction with my surroundings around

Which in total is

'My past.. The ignorance in me'

Living today as

'The present',

Very conveniently covering up

'The Untainted'
'The Unattached' and
'The Unscathed'

'I in me.. Truly the Present'

Nothing less or nothing more!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Your past never define your character but the present can tell that what type of person you are... Anyone don't have much time to know about your past they always look at your present situation so stay in present not in past.. #followpresent

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