Friday, April 27, 2018


The concept of race in the world is basically exhibiting the competitive qualities of excellence in the field and come out as the ultimate winner.

Further, every time a race is conducted, it'll be in general between matching equals only and it's ever felt unethical as well as meaningless to carry out such competition between unequals.

And in all such competitions when almost near equals are involved, luck many times plays a role and people view it similar to lottery winning.

Another meaning to this race hitherto never imagined suddenly became evident when 3 little kids participated therein.. One of them,

The cute little boy of 2+ yrs was too dashing and inspiring every one around all the time his job was playing and feeding his favorite sheep in his garden area..

That day afternoon too as usual the boy was playing and feeding his sheep in the garden and a little away, his mom, an ardent music lover having got a headache, applied a balm lotion on her forehead, switched on the music player in low tone and was resting for a while.

Her 2 friends called on her at that point of time saying that they would like to spend their evening with the children in the park and requested her bring her little boy with his tricycle for the children to play. The mom couldn't say no to the request and quickly readied her boy saying,

"Dear! Today you are going to play with your 2 friends in the park with your tricycle. Your friends too would be bringing their tricycles. You can cycle a lot there. We'll keep enough fodder for our sheep till you come back. Later after coming back too, you can feed him, if required.. Okay?"

It was the cool lovely evening hrs of the day and as soon as the moms with their children settled in a shaded area in the park, they decided to have a small race for the 3 kids on their tricycles. Soon they cleared quite a lot of debris collected in their area around and marked the start and end points with big white chalk lines the start point remaining at a lower level to the end point..

The Little One’s mom said,

  • “Dear! Now, you got to pedal fast from this white line to that we marked there. Your 2 friends too will be pedaling their tricycles along with you. They may be a little bigger boys but I'm sure you can pedal along with them. OK?"
No doubt, the other moms too had inspired their boys at a similar level.

In no time, the 3 started pedaling their tricycles from the point of their moms to the other white line marked away screaming in a loud tones all along their way..

  • “I'm going.. Come with me!”
  • “It's fun to cycle here.. I love this.. Am coming!”
Talking thus, the elder boys moved ahead. The youngest one was slowly pedaling at his own pace looking at his 2 friends with a unique expression on his face. His mom smiling from behind said,
  • “Good Job, dear.. Mommy loves you.. You can do it!”
By that time, the two bigger boys were about to reach the destination one after the other but all of a sudden the 2 boys stopped and looking back, one of them said in a loud tone to the little boy,
  • “Come up.. Come up.. You are doing so well!”
And that was the final of the ‘challenging race’ between the 3 boys. The little kid slowly pedaling came nearer, simply overtook his 2 friends who together just GAVE(A)WAY for him with big smiles, touched the white line and screamed aloud, 
  • “Mommy.. I did It!”
And the 2 boys too simultaneously shouted at their peak to their Moms..
  • “Mom, Our friend........ did this!”
Carrying an unexplained adoration on their innocent faces for their small friend..

The moms were instantly got amused with the little ones' concept of race.. With all adoration for the kids, they soon moved to the Lounge of nearby restaurant, sat amidst the lovely flowering plants around emanating various fragrances and ordered their favorite dishes for them and for their boys.

As the children started licking their favorite fruit bars, the closing remarks of the Narrator of the evening discourse in the near by Monastery heard on the loudspeaker thus..

"The Great Man once said,

  • 'If all living beings of the Universe stand in queue as per their strengths, I wish to stand behind the last tiniest one in the queue!'
making it very clear in respect of certain definite sacrifices required from each individual while addressing a problem in the world en-mass!"

Instantly got drowned in the boys' loud screaming, laughing and shouting all along

Gods from above Smiling and Blessing the 3 'LITTLE GEMS' endlessly!

The words used in this post viz., 'lot, lotion, lottery, loud, loudspeaker, lounge, love, lovely, lover, low and lower' are from page No 472 of online dictionary free download for students learning English..

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire PromptPick up a dictionary, open a random page, use words on that page to write a blog post - poem, story, non-fiction - anything! Don't forget to share the dictionary, page and words used. #WeirdHabitAnthonyBurge

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