Thursday, April 26, 2018

  • It's totally a vibrant environment where in started in 20s I would be working up to 60 and
The active moment is just passing in front of me.. 

Am I really attentive here or taking all cool?
  • In this environment, a true value addition forever is working with dedication and
The important moment goes casually, that bit of new experience is just lost.. 

Am I truly a contributor here or just a showman?

  • The Environment forever is influenced by many external factors invariably creating a number of spider webs around which can truly be avoided only thru' certain extra special skills with me and 
The ripe moment is in front of me to acquire these extra skills.. 

Am I really picking up such skills thru' additional trainings or continuing with my routine?
  • The environment has a number of levels called promotions which can be reached thru' extra dedicated effort alone and
The crux of the moment is to concentrate on getting these timely promotions.. 

Am I taking a little more pains to support here or simply murmuring at the earliest when I'm chased beyond?
  • The path to reach few top levels is either through the dynamic steps of experience or through the lift of additional qualification/s and 
The heat of the moment is truly on with tight competition ruling everywhere.. 

Am I casually cooling off only to be awakened when my colleague suddenly gets that promotion?
  • As I continuously work in this environment, invariably a book of observation called the Resume is written by the known personalities of the environment and
The strength of the moment forever is to keep this book update with my work achievements..

Have I made sure that this book of mine becomes worthy and useful to all in the line or something worth not mentioning? 
  • The roof top in this environment called 'The CEO/A Level Below' can only be reached through either a separate lift or a special arrangement where I may not be the right personality as often that is the seat of power and politics and
The unhappy moment of my life is when I don't understand that that is how the life around me is defined.. 

Had I made a firm note of this and thus remain humble all along or looking at sour grapes with a condemnation feeling within? 
  • My personal safety and the safety of my family are forever linked to this environment without a say and
The precious moment ensuring that safety is truly in front of me..

Am I extra careful in protecting my job from all the angles or just in the habit of challenging / criticizing everywhere at the press of a button?
  • The active part of my life from scratch to soul searching invariably goes in this environment alone and
The golden moments spent here are sure worth remembering life long.. 
Do I constantly carry all the reverence and gratitude to my this environment or ready to curse the moment I'm given a chance?
  • And finally to say, there's a day when a clear ‘EXIT' board would be in front of me from where I have to come out stepping down to the floor, of course with a rich back up of my  work experience and
The sacred moments are rolling on continuously to make that day too a reality in time..

Am I equally prepared for this day too to easily switch over to that Higher End of Work in my life that God had kept in store or just waiting to zero down myself all of a sudden to an ultimate helplessness?

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  1. Nice post.I wonder how you select very relevant topics and do justice to each.. Keep writing..

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Aditya for the appreciation.. You may be too young to understand the whole topic.. Best Wishes!