Saturday, May 5, 2018

  • “Hello, Rakesh! Your ex-Boss, Suresh.. How are you doing?” 
“Oh, Sir? Is it you? Was thinking of calling you.. How are you? How's life after the retirement? How are other things?"
  • “Dear! Am doing good. You may know.. I applied for the Advisor’s Post in our Department before my retirement and now I'm offered that Post. I would be reporting for duty from this coming Monday.. Hope everything is fine!"
“Your good wishes, Sir! It's a pleasure to have you back with us.. We await your joining!”

The Monday morning..

“Welcome, Sir! this's your room.. You can have this PC.. From today, we look up for all the valuable advice and guidance from you in our day to day issues!”

3 months passed..

  • “Rakesh! I've a request..”
“I am a little busy Sir.. Has to go for a meeting.. Can we talk when I'm back?”

The next 3 months passed..

  • “Rakesh! There's a problem..”
“Suresh, Sir! You know that I'm very busy in the morning hrs.. Can we meet at 3 PM?”

Another 3 months passed..

  • “Hello, Rakeshji! Congrats on your promotion….”
“Thank you, Sureshji.. How's the work going on?"
  • “Fine ji.. No prob!"
“Ok ji! Carry on.. We'll talk later.. I got a meeting with our GM at.... Got to go now!”

The last 3 months passed..

"Mr. Suresh! I need to discuss on one of the issues of..... I'm not all happy with what happened yesterday…. You should have been more attentive here and given timely guidance to.....”
  • “Sorry, Sir.. For what had happened.. I promise it won't repeat!”
“OK.. OK.. Got to go now.. I'll tell you how we can resolve the issue of......”
  • "Done, Sir.. No problem!"
In a week's time, the news in the department was that the retired man had resigned and got into a smaller job in a distant area.. All were with the elderly man..

“Sir! What’s the reason for this sudden decision? The job was so comfortable here.. You know everything and really can do your best?”

There was a broad smile on the elderly man’s face..
  • “Dear friends.. Back to the same place of work after retirement is forever a pain indirectly. That way presently, I'm totally free in my new place. My present Boss, 
May be young,
May lack experience and sometimes
May look childish when he talks

  • But he is totally 'NEW' to me and
Any scoldings from him in respect of my job will forever remain in me at surface level only and never go an inch deep into my heart!”