Thursday, May 31, 2018


A man rang up to his friend and said,

"Dear! As an expert in the field, I need a piece of advice from you!"

The friend replied with a warm smile,

"Dear! I'm visiting you next Sunday. I'll clarify your doubts then and there. Don't worry; relax till then!"

Accordingly the friend expert visited the man, discussed the issue with him and said,

“Don’t worry.. Do the way, I told you.. If you get any doubt in between, just phone up to me. I'll clarify on your doubt!”

Many years passed..

On one of those days, the man had to travel to the distant place on the other part of the globe on some errand and rang up to the same friend who had moved to that place some time back for settlement. He rang up to him and said,

"Friend! I again need a piece of advice on another issue of mine. Why don't you join for lunch with me on the coming Sunday at my home and I can equally talk over on my issue?”

There was a pause for a moment and then the friend answered,

“Dear! Nice to hear that you are here.. OK! I may not be able to make it, this Sunday at your home. Meanwhile, why don't you just visit me at my work place tomorrow so that I can straight away help you out then and there?”

The man got surprised a bit but the next moment decided to visit the place mentioned and accordingly went there the next day..

There, he was received with a welcome and asked to wait for a while. Wondering at not knowing what was happening, he asked the person in charge there,

"He is my best friend.. Can you call him, please?"

But instead, he was asked to sign few papers.. The man quickly did that and asked,

"Where's my friend?"

At that stage, he had to pay a certain amount but the next moment was informed that the friend had paid the money on his behalf..

Totally lost, the man asked,

"Can I meet him now, please?"

But, another gentleman befriended him, noted down a few points of his problem and left.. A few minutes later, the friend came in and said,

“Hello.. Dear! Happy to see you here! How's life? How are other issues? OK! Am sorry.. In this place, I can't directly give a solution to your problem as per rules. You got to go through this min procedure. But the required money I paid off on your behalf.. As for as your problem is concerned.......”

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