Saturday, June 2, 2018

      • There was always a chance for me not to be harsh with my next man;I only missed that on many occasions in spite of good people around me constantly reminding me in the process to go myself soft.. I firmed up.. 
      'From today, let me straight away uphold the precept..

      Be considerate and kind.. The No I way of simple living!'

      • God acts only through Humans. I forgot that and thought that people were interfering with me. In fact, people are never after me; they are just doing the jobs which are with me as per the Divine Plan. In such a scenario, what known preventive measures can truly save me other than doing all my works honestly and remain humble? I firmed up..
      'From today, let me straight away uphold the precept..

      Be honest and humble.. The No II way of simple living!'

      • There's no ugliness in the world; it's just in my mind. That very ugly part of mine is nothing but arguing for myself. In the past whenever I emphasized that I was capable of a certain thing, the ugliness of my mind was already very active. Where's then my the so called 'Beautiful Mind?' of which often I vent out saying that my next man is very much lacking? I firmed up..
      'From today, let me straight away uphold the precept..

      Think high.. The No III way of simple living!'

      • A truly fasting person is conveying a message that he/she is zeroing his/her interference around by being ready to exit from the world leaving everything behind. This will surely generate the love in the minds of the people towards the person and out of such love alone others do listen max. How I forgot this tool and started showing my authority at the earliest provocation making the other man listen to me? I firmed up..
      'From today, let me straight away uphold the precept..

      Hate not.. The No IV way of simple living!
      • The innocent expression of a child, the sincere smile of a hard working young adult and the simple smile of an elderly matured personality are the best medicines around me for recovering from any type of sadness in life.. How much in the past, did I really make use of these liberally in my day to day life? I firmed up..
      'From today, let me straight away uphold the precept..

      Go with Nature.. The No V way of simple living!

      Yes.. Rightly understood.. How did I forget such simple rules of life all these years to make myself eternally happy? Hereafter the whole discipline in my life is going to be only this 5 point formula, let whatever be the distractions I encounter all along..

      As I thus started practicing that simple life for my happiness and peace, soon it became a habit with me, I never left that discipline whatever my mind was saying and continued thus my life of simplicity eternally..

      Coolly forgetting the fact that my fickle mind tricked me long back making me be in this rigid discipline physically alone with my thoughts ever carrying the feelings of

      Low thinking,
      Bowing down
      Craze for artificial life 

      With the simplicity in my life eternally gone into a cold storage!

      The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt 'Seek simplicity but distrust it'-mathematician Alfred Whitehead... What do you think ? #simplicity

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