Thursday, June 21, 2018


The child was just 6+ but his learning level and the inquisitiveness to learn max quickly was openly seen in every involvement. The grandfather firmed up to teach him everything in which the boy showed interest. That way life was going on and sure the scientific temper was seen in both of them whenever the learning was 'ON'..

"You know, dear.. When you were small, we took you to a park and there a man in distance suddenly laughed aloud. You said in a soft tone.. 'Again!' Will any one laugh again if you ask?"

"It's funny.. No one will do that!"

"When I warned once that I'd throw away your soft toy if you are seen on the edge of the bed, you listened to me. But one day, when I sat on the edge of the bed, you immediately shouting aloud, 'Now you are on edge!' threw your soft toy out!"

"It's silly.. I should throw your toy out!"

"One day, when you shouted aloud near my ear and I screamed saying, 'Oh! I'm gone!', you carefully bent, looked at me and said with a big smile, "You are there!"

"It's foolish.. If I shout, How can you go away? You'll be there only!"

"Means.. You are a big boy now?"

"Yes.. I understand many. Now, tell me about planes!"

"Yes.. There was a supersonic jet called Concorde. It used to fly from Paris to New York in just 3.5 hrs, half of normal jet plane time. But now that plane is not there.. You know, why?"

"You told me.. No one wanted to go by that because the seats were cramped and the cost was high!"

"Yes.. Also the problem with supersonic plane is.. When it goes above the speed of sound, a shock wave called 'sonic boom' comes up which will create problems in surroundings!"

"Yes.. The glass panes of houses broke when the plane flew over them!"

"You are right.. Did I tell you this? The friend to pilot is height and..."

"The enemy is gravity!"

"Oh.. So much you know? Do you know how a plane flies?"

"Lift force lifts the plane and thrust moves it!"

"You know all this? Very good.. Actually There are 4 forces acting on the plane as it flies. The lift force keeps the plane lifted up in air against the weight of plane acting down. The thrust force keeps it moving forward against wind drag backward.. OK?"


"The jet plane flies steadily at 30,000 feet height. While landing the lift force is reduced, the aircraft slowly comes down and lands on the runway!"

"Yes.. And the reverse thrust slows down the speed of the plane on the runway.. But one more thing Grandpa I know and you don't know.."

"What's that?"

  • "In turtle land, everything is same but it's different while landing. There the plane comes closer to water, the doors open, all turtles jump off from the plane and swim into waters. The pilot turtle takes the plane away and lands on the shore. For boarding, all turtles go to the shore airport and get into plane!"

(The boy's favorite friend was the turtle soft toy and he believed all the time that it came from a land specially called turtle land where only turtles live!)

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  1. Very interesting post, he is learning so rapidly, its great to know, they are the future of our country.
    Again i must say...he is so cute.

    will love to talk to him.

    1. Oh! So nice to hear that, Jyotirmoy.. Sure if a chance permits you should talk to him.. I'm constantly preparing to answer the questions he puts to me.. Thank you very much for the great compliment here.. Wishes!