Thursday, July 12, 2018



The wise man took out a piece of paper and colored the whole of it with saffron color. In the middle of it, he drew a big circle and colored it grey. Within that, he drew a smaller concentric circle and colored it red. Finally, he drew a number of small circles within the red circle and colored them all green..

Pointing to a green circle he declared,

“This green circle is my home. It's a sacred place where myself and my family members live together. Here, each individual living has his/her own rights and and the grown-ups in addition have their responsibilities. All live here all along with a caring attitude alone
  • The younger ones forever respecting the elder ones and
  • The elder ones forever helping the younger
And nothing less of it. Like this many homes are there around me represented by the other green circles..

Thus the green forever stands for

Caring and Protecting from my end!

The red big circle is called the State in which many such families live together.

The State has certain rules to be followed amidst the interactions between family members and outside the family circles and all those have to be adhered to by me in total else the State can physically stop me from acting further.

Thus the red forever stands for

Caution and Discipline required from my end!

The bigger grey circle encompassing the red circle represents the moral and ethical responsibilities of me beyond the State rules where it's equally a duty with me to be answerable to the Almighty on the additional good done by me for my people and people around beyond my minimum duties

Thus the grey forever stands for

Giving and Serving from my end!

Finally the saffron color in the entire page represents certain sacrifice required from me towards the people around me and living with me.

Here, I purposefully forego some of my own rights and become useful to people beyond their expectations and thus become one among them. This too would automatically become my duty when part of the ignorance falls off from me wherein the distinction between ‘Mine’ and ‘Not Mine’ lessens to some extent.

Thus, the saffron forever stands for

Sacrifice and Containing from my end!

The green is ever influenced by red, grey and saffron and

It's ever better I live in my life with a mixture of this green, red and grey, further look up for living in saffron zone too at my own freedom where feasible and thus rise in my life!"

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