Sunday, July 8, 2018


That evening as I was on stroll in my park, I heard a soft voice saying in my ears,
  • "To night there's going to be a brief shower all over the town. As I like you more, I want to bless you here with something special..
  • During this shower, You'll have that from the skies which you wish for in your earmarked area where you have all the control. Choose it for yourself and be happy!" 
I was taken a back with that promise, soon returned home and after dinner as I was relaxing in my bed, I saw all of a sudden the lightening and thunders developing in the skies with dark clouds coming up from all directions which were very much missing for quite a long time..

I wondered.. 'Means, my wish is coming true? Let me quickly check my shortages.. Why not ask here..

1)... 2)... or 3) to rain so that I'll be freed once for all from certain of my problems by making that precious item in numbers my own?'

As my thoughts ran thus, I became more attentive..

'No.. These are still small items..

Let me see what would be of max use for me if that comes down from the sky even for a minute..

Yes.. I got it.. 4) or 5) with me sure will for ever take out my problems of....

But seen the other way, these in excess other than I am entitled to in my life thru' my hard work makes the balance go in my life..'

Soon my search became endless but getting each more than that I'm truly eligible makes my life no better but sure misery only equally causing harm in the neighborhood in particular and to mankind in general..

'Yes.. This unbalance should never be welcomed by me at any point of time..'

Thus I found ultimately that the boon was of no use to me and it was better I didn't expect anything in that context.. By that time,

  • The Sky was intently looking at me, 
  • The clouds became impatient with me, 
  • The thunders started murmuring for not getting the answer quickly, 
  • The lightening became ready to burst out its dazzling sky paths revealing the silver lining of the clouds, 
  • The wind was ready to pick up pace and blow thru' endlessly and 
  • My entire back yard was waiting for my green signal.. 
'Oh! Wait.. There's one thing I truly forgot which I can very much ask that never tampers with my life other than leaving a limitless joy within me. The most precious thing I forgot here..'

Instantly I prayed to my God and wished for with a never seen thrill and joy in me to rain the most precious and priceless item of my life from the skies

The Waters  

As per the seasonal need and bless the world!

And soon that happened with my strange dream getting disturbed in the mid night by the pitter-patter rain drops hitting the asbestos roof of my backyard which in no time

  • Increased to the seasonal down pour all along 
  • The thunders blasting the skies, 
  • The lightening spreading across,
  • The wind making the near by trees dizzy with violent to and fro movements, 
  • The waters gushing down the drain outlet and 
  • My back yard plants dancing to their tunes endlessly bringing it's own cool around with 
  • My mind remaining cool and calm for the rest of the night! 
Soon, as I recollected the importance of that precious water in my life

I could very well imagine the pale face of the King Midas with his glass of water in front turned to gold as per his wish when he grabbed to drink that leaving him in a miserable state!

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  1. thoughtful interesting story telling

  2. Water is indeed precious.
    Nice to learn that WOW has restarted :)

    1. Rightly said, Anita and thanks for the right comment here.. Yes.. BlogAdda has started WOW activity.. This one is the 2nd of that!

  3. Indeed, mankind is never satisfied with their wishes being fulfilled. One leads to another and that way we encourage more impatience and unhappiness within us. Really liked your post! 😊

  4. nice one and rightly said our wishes never end, yes we do wish to have Water always for future generations to come. interesting

    1. Thanks for such a nice appreciative comment on the Post!