Friday, September 7, 2018


  • "Sir! Many times, the Great Personalities of the Earth pardoned their own attackers in spite of being injured in the process saying, 
'They do not know what they are doing!'
  • When a man openly and knowingly does certain harm, how can they say thus and remain cool instead of speaking out the wrong done by the person in such a scenario as is? Can you please clarify here?"
"Dear! I may not be able to explain the Spirit behind the talk of those Great Personalities in respect of the wrong doers but I can explain with a day to day example of our own talk which makes it more clear to you in this regard..

I generally live thru' my life invariably with certain threats around me. These include the

Wilderness of Nature,
Prevailing lawlessness and
Constant shortages!

The funny part of my life is when I'm in high spirits and feel good about life, I just say,

'Life is Fantastic!'

Coolly forgetting the threats around me for the moment which can strike at any time with no written guarantee there. Don't you agree?"
  • "Yes, I understand that I forget for a while the exact and speak out of a good feeling within me!"
"A similar feeling of Higher Level is ever carried by the Great Men and Women of the Earth in respect of life in general and out that good feeling alone, they instantly see the deliberate harm done to them by the aggressive elements around as almost 'NIL..'

Here, the Great Personalities can never say that people are different and their doings are different. 
They just carry the Perception of the Whole of Existence and not by Part as I see around thru' my limited perception. Because of this alone, the Great People's talk looks different from the way I react and express myself. Thus seen, a Saint had gone to the extent of saying.. 

'The hand that hit me is serving me now!'

When He was hit by a rowdy element and later taken care by His disciple.. And to say again, these Great Men and Women do not carry an hurt feelings like a normal mortal I carry all along!

  • "Sir! Then, what's the right course of action here for people like us who are normal individuals of limited understanding?"
"Dear! If you rightly understand this, The song of our life forever goes thus,

The Great Personalities
Would forever be doing in their own way without an exception and 
I, the limited mortal 
Should be doing as per my own perception of 
the Right and Wrong 
with the associated concept of 
Punishment and Reformation.. 
Of course, 
Not carrying hatred in the process to the best of my abilities 
with an ever live feeling within..

'Let me forego a small right of mine here for the benefit of my opponent and thus rise myself 
In the path of 

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  1. Every time you teach me a new lesson ..
    whatever you say is already there but needs to be taken out from the corners of our soul and that work you do.

    1. Thanks Shraddha for such an appreciative comment.. Nice to hear this from you!

  2. Very beautifully put forward the the point. Great message, Sreedhar Ji. :)