Friday, August 31, 2018


Two men were more straight forward in expressing..

  • "Be Wise.. The world is never supportive to extreme people. Be in the middle path!"
People around used to advise both of them..
  • "God will take care!"
Was their unique reply with a smile..
  • "Frankly speaking, before God takes care of you, your opponent may set right things. Once the damage is done, it's painful get up and move on!"
Was equally the people's caution..
  • "Let us see!"
Was their reply too there..

On a day, as expected the tiff went beyond, a rowdy sheeter surfaced and roughed up the 2 men beyond. Subsequent to that, the men were recovering slowly. There were many enquries..

  • "Where's your God now? In what way you got the help here?"

  • "Because God had taken care, I am left at this stage!"
Were the replies of both.. Of course, 

One with true humility justifying his wise doing 


The other with pain within but covering up his unwise doing! 

Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter III Sloka 35 forever reiterates,

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'

'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged. Better is even death in one’s own duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

Thus the determination in me should always be truly knowing my level of endurance and start living at that level in the first instance. This is called one’s own Dharma (Swadharma)..

But few times, I may express initially with all emotion but end up somewhere in between from where I find myself not able to move this way or that way. Thus my freedom is lost and I become helpless the next moment. They are the situations when I face

A few of relatives and friends who create compulsions in my life,
A man who creates nuisance in my neighborhood,
A rowdy on road coming in my way, 
Some of the traders of bad ethics in my interactions etc.. and finally 
A man in power making note of my talk and action!

A tough situation, no doubt..

The Great Man when confronted with rowdy elements, hid himself in the Police Control Room and subsequently on the advice of the Chief there escaped in disguise in front of the protesters..

Making it evident that protecting oneself becomes the primary duty and in that context anything done stands the right!

But the same Personality made it clear subsequent to the incident saying,

  • "I don't know why I did that way at that point of time but this moment left to me, I am ready to surrender to my protesters and face their wrath rather than escape discretely!" 
Making once again clear that none should act less when truly imbibed with an inner strength to face certain threat!

Thus truly speaking selling off myself or escaping are not the right solutions. And straight fighting too is equally ruled out here. Then what is the way? 

Fighting but in the right way alone.. 

i.e., with an initial discipline of remaining alert so that I myself will not create this in the first instance. But as some of them are already created, I necessarily have to wind down those.. And that way of winding down is nothing but..

‘Incessantly doing the right interactions with right people all the time and remain humble all along!’

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt..

Silence is not always a virtue. When there are serious wrongs happening, it is our duty to speak up. Otherwise we become part of the wrongdoing. Do you agree?#DangerousSilence


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