Saturday, September 15, 2018


For a while, I was convinced that

  • Performing elaborate Pujas..
  • Reading Sacred Books..
  • Singing Devotional Songs..
  • Practicing Pranayama..
  • Getting into deep Meditations..
  • Joining Satsangh..
  • Going on Pilgrimages far and wide..
  • Visiting Monasteries and listening to the speeches of Great Personalities..

Soon I adapted that discipline in total and started living increasing it's pace day by day..

In no time, 3 masked men started saluting me everywhere slowly pushing me become


Fortunately that day, as I casually looked thru' my window out in the early morning hrs readying myself go ahead with my elaborate Spiritual Program for the day,

I noticed the small vendor on the roadside unfolding his belongings for the day's work suddenly leaving his work in the middle and helping the man next thru' tying a few ropes for his set-up. Thru' that Noble Action, He was seen hitting at my firmly layered ignorance which made me forget all those days the fact that..

One is far, far away from Spiritual Life as long as one is not ready to share with the next man whatever rest he/she may do in that line!

Instantly I noticed a strong determination in me. By that time, the man returned and started setting up his stall. The 3 masked men Viz.,

  • PRIDE,
  • RIGIDITY and
By my side got surprised with my sudden decision and started staring at me.. No doubt..

They were looking, but I didn't care. I ran to him anyway,

And instantly joined in the 

Sacred Task of Helping out 

My next man in his work. To my great surprise right at that moment, I was filled with an 

Unknown Peace within 

as I regained 

My Humility back 

Which slipped away all those days without my notice giving place to the 3 masked men and that alone finally established me in 

True Spirituality!

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  1. Spirituality indeed.
    Reward of helping others- peace.
    Great message.

    1. Thanks Anita for the appreciative comment on the Post!

  2. Very uplifting post, indeed!
    When in school I read a story. It was a long story from Upanishad. I shall only write one part. One sadhu got power through this meditation. He looked at a crow, whose dropping fell on him. Crow was burnt into ashes. Proud sannyasin went to collect his alms. He went to a house. Lady of the house was late in giving him alms. Sadhu was thinking she does not know my power. Lady said from inside, I know you have burnt a crow. But I have my duties as householder to my husband who is tired after his days work. I shall attend to him first and then I shall attend you. Point being no matter which path one follows for enlightenment, as a hermit or householder, if one is true to his or herself and does his / her duties honestly they get salvation.

    1. Thanks Abhijit for the appreciative comment on the Post. Yes.. The duty with me is the foremost important one to be cared for. If you carefully look at a duty, it is nothing but a promise made by me in that context. No doubt, it's up to me to keep this promise or not but the repercussion of not performing that never leaves me and accompanies me everywhere accumulating along with it the subsequent effects of not doing that in time. Soon, that becomes a monster by my side and one day or the other it leashes it's wrath on me. The safe way here is.. Just do the right at any moment.. Thanks for the detailed explanation given by you in this context!