Thursday, September 13, 2018


The Manager of no great experience thought..
  • "These people are not much helpful. If I instruct them in a softer tone, it doesn't work. It appears, they need some pressure on them. Straight away they don't listen. And things can't go on like this forever. I need to an put end this. Advising here is no use. They say..
'Fear is the the key!'

Let me rule thru' my authority.. There's no way in front of me other than this!"

The Manger of few years of experience thought..

  • "The people are same everywhere. They don't change much because I wish so. It is I that should see this and turn them nicely towards my work. There's no point in grumbling and blaming them and thus waste time. Any punishments bring only short time changes and people will be damage oriented forever. It is said..
'A cat in gloves catches no mice!'

The mantra is.. Promise good monies, create competition among them and thus make them work at their best!"

The Manager of many years of experience thought..

"Each man has a particular skill and certain capabilities. I should create interest in them, turn towards my work and thus make them productive. Lots of convincing, educating and imparting timely trainings alone will help here. The proverb goes..

'Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors!'

Let me plan a rigorous training program for my people, help them grow in their profession and get the best out of them!"

The Manager of wisdom thought..
  • "I may be a Manager here but we work as a team and I have the responsibility of motivating my team members so that they feel responsible for their portion of jobs and do them with interest and dedication. Let me go beyond here, sincerely do my portion of work and set an example. It's ever stressed..
'Practice before you preach!'

Then alone everything really works!"

The Manager of certain deep intuition thought..

"All people are basically good. In fact, they are sincerely trying to do their jobs well. I am only interfering with them and call it my living. In that context alone, I am a Manger here and I need to discharge these responsibilities at work with full dedication. Let me be truly strict to my role there but beyond, let me remember the Great Saying..

'Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu!'

And let me divert some of my energies for the betterment of my group without an expectation in return and thus be in communication with the Greater Task with me in parallel!"