Wednesday, October 3, 2018


"Sir! Often we were told to believe in something like

  • The Super Power, 
  • The Ultimate, 
  • The Supreme etc
And develop certain faith in that direction. In that context,
  • Verses from Ancient Scriptures, 
  • Sayings from Sacred Books and 
  • Quotes of Great Personalities 
Are brought out and presented in such a way that the listener is ultimately made to believe there..

I very much feel that one should be left free here without bringing such pressures on him/her at anytime and he/she should be freely allowed to experiment and find out That Ultimate as much possible in his/her life time. What do you say to this?"

"Dear! I'm 100% in concurrence with what you have said and for any individual with a question in this direction, the right way forever is experimenting and finding out 'what is what' alone and nothing less of it at any time..

Beyond, I have a point here.."

"Sir! When you say that I'm right here, I' feel very happy. Please let me know more in this direction!"

"Dear! What you perceive thru' your senses, brain cells and mind is taken as Truth by you, isn't it?

All Great Philosophers exactly asked us to see at that level only with 2 small additions to it..

  • Call that perceived as 'The Relative Truth' and
  • Keep yourself open to the fact..
'Something may or may not be there beyond; Let me find out!'

Rather than closing saying

'Nothing more is there!'

And thus get into a new belief without your own knowledge..

So, here forever the right attitude is..

'No doubt, that known thru' enquiry alone is the Truth at this moment but I should never conclude thus a 100%, constantly stick to the Neti (Na+Iti) Theory Viz.,

'Not This.. Not This.. Not This!'

And thus should move on with my enquiry spirit in this life. The same in the words of the Great Philosopher goes thus,

"Our minds are like books with us and we read our books together!"


  • 'I should be reading my book and understanding at my own level, 
  • The Master would never influence me here as beyond no Master can bring a change in me,
  • I should never stop reading my book, 
  • The Master's presence is required only for open debates thru' which I never conclude, 
  • Along with this reading, I should be doing my ordained duties a 100%,
  • Those duties forever are those in which my ultimate safety, happiness and peace lie and no where else and
  • In case, I divert part of my time, money and energy towards a cause assuming that my primary interest lies there, that should be sure a 100% out of the time, money and energy otherwise I would have spent in my pleasure seeking and never out of that basically assigned for discharging my primary responsibilities already I'm into in this life; nothing less at any point of time!'
Thus must go on 'non stop' my enquiry into

The Spiritual Aspects of Living!"



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    1. Thanks Bhumika for the compliment.. Sure, I'll go the site and read the Post.. Wishes!