Saturday, December 1, 2018


Any of my travel in the world at any time broadly falls under one of the 4 categories Viz.,

Traveling as a visitor,
Traveling as a worker,
Traveling as a business man and
Traveling as a supporter to my kith and kin..

  • As a visitor, the main purpose of my traveling to a region in the world is to open up my mind, communicate with nature around, interact with my next man accommodating him/her more and more in my heart and remain helpful all along,
  • As a worker, the main purpose of my traveling to a region in the world is to make a better living for my survival with the stipulated code of conduct required by me in that context,
  • As a business man, the main purpose of my traveling to a region in the world is to establish business ties between the 2 regions for mutual growth and development within the laid out rules
  • As a family man, the main purpose of my traveling to a region in the world is to join and support my family members migrated to/settled in the place and remain contented!
Whatever be the purpose of my that a travel during that time, I would be essentially moving from a region of people almost independent with their own ecological balance with nature, social customs and food habits to a region of people of similar independence without a say as..

All distinct regions of the world are basically demarcated themselves on these major factors alone most of the times remaining independent by themselves for their existence and expression..

In such a well known situation, my travel to a new region should never aim at causing disturbance to these 3 fundamental demarcating issues done by nature itself and thus remain by the side of people of that region constantly interacting with them on the purpose of my visiting the place..

It is likely that out of my own ease, carelessness as well an excess self interest, I would be starting living a contrary life in the new place forever asserting myself,

'What's wrong? I need my satisfaction of expressing myself in my own way!'

Propelled by such a thought often indirectly supported by the people of my temperament, I continuously try establishing,

  • My social customs directly and indirectly in the place where possible with a callous attitude saying..
'It's my area.. I express in my own of way living here with my people!'
  • My food habits with an authoritative feeling within..
'It's my kitchen.. I cook and eat only that I like and got accustomed to!'
  • My own idiosyncrasy with a belief..
'I'm still on earth and not on moon.. How can the ecology of this area get affected as long as I live here as per rules of the environment?'

Here, if I truly carry a regard for the people and the environment around me at the new place, instead of constantly carrying a proud feeling within me all along asserting..

'These are.. My skills.. My likes.. My living.. In my own way.. With my group.. They alone make my day today..'

It's ever better soon I adjust myself to the living style of locals as much possible with a genuine feeling in me that..

  • 'The new land had truly given me work, 
  • The new land made me come more in contact with Mother Nature for my food and my own internal development and 
  • The people of new land have truly made my day!'


  1. There is a saying in Bengali, "I eat as per my taste, I dress as per some one else likes". It is true in this day and age we want to eat and understand culture of the place I am visiting. Yet, if I do not like what I really want to eat in my hard earned holiday I may not like it. May be my taste buds are not ready to try something exotic. Should I be crucified for that?

  2. It’s not that message here, Abhijit. Extremes with us do no good ultimately. When I say this it applies on both sides and here a medium way is utilize the locally available raw food as much poosible, blend it to my taste partly and and consume that respecting my taste buds as well as the local varieties. I am sure, if I try sincerely here, I find a way out.

    Similar attitude can exist in other issues too from my end and all that put together truly confirm my being caring for the new environment

    Thanks for an interesting comment on the post message!