Friday, January 11, 2019


This week's IndiSpire Prompt says..

Is leaving the social media the right step for those who wish to focus on writing? Must writers stop interacting even in real life? #GoodWriting

Before anything is said on the topic, a small story in this context goes thus..

Once upon a time, the relationships between 2 Kingdoms were cordial and peace loving. To continue the warmth of that, both the kings often used to exchange gifts and compliments on various occasions and invariably on every occasion, each of them took special attention to appreciate / praise the other a little beyond..

Once one king visited the other’s birthday function and commended,

“It's grand!”

In a few months, the other was at a traditional function of his friend king and commented,

“It's superb!”

Soon followed a cultural event in one of the kingdoms and the praise from the other party was,

“Well organized!”

Subsequently, the remarks were,

“Great idea implemented!”

At a public function conducted by the friend king. Further down, various compliments continued from each group,

“Marvelous presentation!”

“The work of a genius!”

"Truly artistic!"

"The never seen show!"

"Sure, the heaven on earth!"

"Nothing else stands to the glow brought out!"

Etc.. etc..

At various public functions conducted in both the kingdoms in intervals of time..

A few years rolled on thus without a look back but on a fateful day, suddenly the neighbor enemy King attacked both the kingdoms simultaneously. Both kings lost in no time and became permanent captives together..

One of the kings remarked in the cell,

“I don't understand, how we lost so easily to our enemy!”

The other straight away admonished him on his face saying,

“We should have done similar things to each other earlier instead of praising on our fictitious achievements and making us take life easy. Whatever might have been our instant reactions then, that would have sure set us right then and there..

Here, our officials too followed us taking their life easy and all that together added to the enemy's superiority over us!"

No doubt, interacting on either Social Media or in real life truly leaves me the best writer in respect of my writings provided

I write more and more in the direction of truth as much possible leaving pleasing others too that much


I rightly react in the required direction to the critical comments made on the topics and reply with more and more humility!

Unless I make a dent somewhere here in all my writings, soon the monster praise lurking around which can easily be exchanged at no cost will takeover and lead me exactly to a state where the story depicts the fate of 2 kings 

Thus, totally jeopardizing the interests of Good Writing

Calling a spade a spade often taking a back seat with glorifying seen in front! 

Which attitude has to be adapted, no doubt in all actions of my life on need basis..

When there are potential physical dangers to me


Those actions are part of my skills which earn me a decent living

And there

My writings too sure become no exception!



  1. This is one story that I am going to remember for a long time, sir... thanks for sharing it. :)

    1. Thank you Arvind for the appreciation and the compliment.. Love it!

  2. Very well written,inspiring and thought provoking post 👍 Sir. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks Sachin for the appreciation.. Love the comment!

  3. The fate of the kingdoms was doomed the day kings failed to discern genuine appreciation and lapped up fake sugary praise so it's better to have that inner filter for every field of life. A simple and crisp post!

    1. Very rightly said Kokila Gupta on the subject praise.. As long as, I as a writer strictly adhere to such a discipline of not to go after pleasing others other than the min required, my writings forever will stay more and more nearer to Truth.. Thanks for the compliment and appreciation on the Post.. Wishes!

  4. A beautiful analogy showcasing today's culture on social media :)

    I agree!


    1. Thanks Ruchira for the compliment.. A nice comment on the Post!

  5. Thanks Ruchira for the compliment.. A nice comment on the Post!

  6. The story is really bang on.Also the last lines whether survival depends on something or it will give me a better skill. So important for all choices in life.

    1. Thanks Dr Amrita for the compliment.. You said it very much right.. Yes.. Working for a decent living is one of our primary duties whatever the field be.. A nice comment on the Post!