Friday, January 18, 2019


This week's IndiSpire Prompt says..

When power declines, culture flourishes... do you agree?#PromotingCreativity

A short story in this context which itself speaks on the Prompt goes thus..

“Lord Krishna pardoned Sishupala, the king of Chedi for 99 mistakes committed by him but killed him on the 100th mistake and restored Peace in the kingdom. Do you know what those '100 mistakes' amounted to?”

Asked the Head of an Ashram to a congregation of ardent devotees listening to His Discourse..

All were silent..

The Master said,

“Here the mistakes committed by the king were neither the usual mistakes that one makes nor the occasional mild personal attacks on others generally heard around..

The usual mistakes are inevitable as 'To err is human’ and all are bound to commit them not a few times alone but many times in our life. This is basically a force of habit and here

Our immediate duty is to correct the same and help recover from the damage!

Even the mild personal attacks too are bad, one should refrain from doing that and by mistake if anything done,

Should quickly repent for that and do/face the necessary corrective actions required!

But when a man sits on the throne as a king, the role of ruling in the 'Right Way' is a very big responsibility and there the king should

  • Strictly monitor own conduct and character, 
  • Be fair and honest in all public related issues, 
  • Take care of the weak of the kingdom for their betterment and thus 
  • Continue doing the related welfare activities 
With human expression seen everywhere wherein various cultural groups of people together exhibit their artistic capabilities freely to their best..

When this Great Task is not accomplished properly, the king has no way continuing in the role other than step down from the throne and face the charges made allowing a free trial..

But when this is totally forgotten and the king assumes the role of supremacy, misuses power,
  • Throws own conduct and character to a corner, 
  • Becomes unfair and dishonest in all public related issues, 
  • Makes the weak of the kingdom suffer and thus 
  • Continues ruling the related imposed activities 
With human expression taking totally a back seat wherein the various cultural groups of people are forced to suppress their artistic capabilities out of fear..

They become the real serious mistakes of the king and the Chedi King should have been punished with the first such mistake itself..

But the Lord allowed even such mistakes too up to a 100 (indirectly mentioned as a promise given to his mother) thus equally giving a fair chance to the energetic and charged king but in the wrong way to truly rectify himself with a repentance at heart and do the required correction..

Of course when that never happened, the Right Action there was to close the chapter and restore peace among people and the Lord's Actions followed instantly making the Chedi King zero in life with 

The total power gone at one stroke and the various cultures coming back with their full expressions!



  1. The story of Krishna and Shishupal aptly highlights the responsibility of a king to rule with fairness to subjects before exercising the power to punish.

    1. Rightly said, Somali in this Context.. The Spiderman Film too says the same.. Thanks for the nice Comment!

  2. I love this story.. so much to learn from... :-)

    1. Thanks Archana.. It's just a Perception linking our Epic Story.. The Spiderman Film (I) too brings out this statement!

  3. Rightly pointed out sir...the story teaches us many things along with the lesson you have pointed out ... Pride and deviation from the duty of the king .

    1. Yes, Kokila.. I feel it's the greatest sin for any one on the earth to do the wrong at the back of Power and strength given.. 'Help others max' should ever be the Motto with any one at the back of such wide powers given or secured.. The Spiderman Film brings out the same Message in the end!

  4. This was a beautiful post! Thanks for this wonderful explanation :)

    1. Thanks Purba for the appreciation shown.. Your Posts too convey wonderful Messages as I read them thru'.. Best wishes!

  5. You deserve to be the next godman, sirji.

    1. Every story from our Sacred Books whatever be the religion forever touches the fundamental truth in life, Tomichan Mateikal and I can learn a lot thru' them if I truly pay attention there as those perceptions invariably are from Elevated Souls alone.. Thanks for the good witty comment here on the post!

  6. Nice post with citation from the action of lord himself. Enjoyed reading

  7. Interesting to know about the story of Sishupala... We can draw so many lessons! Balance is a must, if the delicate balance is disturbed everything goes haywire. So the ruler should be modest and always remember his prime responsibility is his subjects.

    1. Very rightly said, Kislaya Gopal.. Great responsibility comes with great power and the person in power should ever remember this.. Thanks for the compliment.. Wishes!