Wednesday, January 16, 2019


The man of 35+ had to get 3 of his issues resolved with a particular Office and in that connection, he visited the Office on a day.. The concerned staff looked into all his issues and replied that nothing could be done in the situation..

The man got upset and wanted to see the manager in that context. Soon he was lead to the manager..

The man requested,

"Sir! These 3 issues of mine are pending from your end since long time. I request you kindly do the needful!"

The manger gave his explanation but that was not acceptable to the man, he raised his voice and soon the senior manager came to the place and asked what the matter was..

The manager explained to his superior the issues, the senior manager too had a glance at them and told the man that nothing could be done from their end..

The man became very angry, soon there were some verbal exchanges and finally with no solution to the problem he returned home..

Seeing him upset, his elderly father asked what the matter was..

The son explained how the people of that Office refused to listen to him and sent him back on the issues which he brought to their notice for resolution..

"Dear! Let me help you, here. Can you just brief me on the 3 issues?"

  • "There's no use, dad! They are adamant in their approach. I requested them so much but all together showed me the exit!"
Next day, the dad went to the Office with the 3 issues and returned by evening..

"What happened, dad?"

The son asked..

  • "Am a success in resolving all the 3 issues of yours!"
"You mean.. You got them thru'? That's great! How could you convince them so easily?"
  • "Dear! It's often not me but my grey hair that speaks!"
"Yes.. I got the point. As an elderly man, they couldn't refuse to you!"
  • "It's not that, my dear.. I never deviated from
  • Here!"
"Dad! I was also doing that alone!"
  • "See.. It's not one sided convincing alone that matters in all such issues. Something more is required to be done!"
"I don't understand!"
  • "Dear! On the 1st issue no doubt, the lower 1,2 and 3 officials pleaded their helplessness but I raised the level, they had no go but listen to me there, allowed me to meet the top. I explained to him the 1st issue and 
  • Over that.. The top man got convinced and instantly instructed his assistant to resolve the issue. Your matter will be thru' in few days!"
"What about the 2nd one?"
  • "Yes, we both looked into that issue but there's one hitch because of which we have
  • On the issue and that hitch needs to be cleared from our end. For that they needed extra info from us with documented proof. I got necessary forms. You fill them, attach the required and send to the Office. Your issue would be thru'!"
"The 3rd one?"
  • "Yes.. That too was discussed with the higher up but when I had one more look at the issue, I myself got convinced that we have 
  • There to demand a solution. I said sorry for troubling them, withdrew the 3rd one and came back!"
"But dad, you said you resolved all the 3!"
  • "Yes, dear.. Here this too is a resolution only because I myself, successfully solved that thru' my own intuition!"
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  1. Good one!Resolution of the third issue was interesting.

    1. Thanks Rajeev for the compliment and appreciation.. Wishes!

  2. Nice post. Yes some problems can be solved by senior officers. Some problems many of us think is our right, but actually we may be wrong.

    1. You said it, Abhijit.. If we are a bit a patient, we can see the other man's point of view and a consensus can be reached easily on the issue.. Thanks for the good comment on the Post!