Sunday, January 20, 2019

THE EVENING.. "06 46 51!"

Our little grandson staying abroad visited us during his summer school vacation along with his mom..

On one of the days, I took both of them to city for some purchases. While shopping at a gift shop, the boy picked up a unique clock displayed there saying

"I want to gift this to grandma!"

"It doesn't look so great dear and the price is high.. Why do you want to waste money?"

The mom asked..

"It's not a waste.. Grandma only said.. 

'Time is money!' 

And I'm giving her money only!"

The boy replied..

I smiled and said okay and soon we billed the item along with other purchases. Subsequently, as we were relaxing in a cafe, the weather suddenly became cloudy and soon it started drizzling with rain lashing from all sides along with wind. The boy who never experienced such heavy rain at his place was no doubt excited beyond..

Seeing the weather worsening, we decided to return home, quickly hired a 3 wheeler and sat in it..

The 3 wheeler moved on but soon the traffic became thick and the movement of the vehicles became slow with the rain started pouring too heavily. Soon our vehicle came to dead slow speed, with pools of water spread out on the road on both sides.. 

The day light sufficiently dimmed with intermittent lightening and thunders at the back of blinding flashes and roaring sounds. But right at that moment of utter chaos around, our boy's joy and excitement appeared to be beyond any one's guess..

As the traffic got a little respite from slow movement, our 3 wheeler pulled on but an impatient vehicle from behind overtook us on the left side. In the process, as that vehicle entered deep waters there at max speed, all that muddy and cold waters around instantly splashed profusely straightaway on 3 of us thru' the open door of 3 wheeler..

Our driver instantly got enraged seeing the plight of us and was about to raise his speed to over take the culprit vehicle in front and scream at it's driver for the nuisance he caused

Had it not been to our little kid's simultaneous great screaming saying... 


With an unknown excitement clearly seen on his face under the flashing head lights of the on-coming vehicles equally all that dirt and what not on the road straight away bathing him whole and soul profusely!

In the process, the clock held in his hand loosely coolly slipped off and straight fell on to the road making a rumbling metallic sound..

Instantly the boy screamed..

"Oh! My clock!"

Looking out for his fallen dear item and started weeping..

I quickly understood the situation and requested the driver help in getting the item fallen down. The kind driver understood our little one's feelings, pulled the vehicle to the side and asking us to sit in the vehicle, rushed to the spot in rain for the item..

The boy's attention totally turned to getting back the clock and from distance as the driver picked up the wet, muddy and partly scratched clock piece, the boy's joy was unlimited. Soon as the kind driver uncle handed over the clock to him with a smile, he hugged it and kept close to his heart and we continued our further journey..

In another half hr we reached home, I wanted to reward the driver with extra cash for the valuable help he rendered to us but he refused saying that he had seen how the boy was holding the dearer clock from the moment he got into the vehicle and felt at heart that the boy should never go home without that when the item suddenly slipped off from his hands..

We thanked him profusely took his wishes for the little one and bid him bye..

Soon, the victorious little one proudly handed over the clock to his grandma saying,

"Grandma.. It's for you.. I got it!"

The grandma overjoyed, instantly hugged her little one saying,

"Thank you dear! So much you cared for me to get me this one. I'll keep it for a life time next to me in our hall!"

As we revealed to her the entire story of the clock..

Thus the clock even this day is safely preserved in our hall at our home as a show piece as later we found that it stopped working due to water gone in/damaged thus forever showing the evening hrs..

"06 46 51"

The time of the funny incident happening on the road on that day!

That happened 3 yrs back but the boy of 7+ today no doubt forgot all that, became busy with

Making google maps,
Constantly exploring into unknown lands and
Reading thru' historical events

As the grandma fondly calls him as her

Little Columbus..

All along the damaged worn out clock standing forever as the silent witness to the

The Great Unfailing Love

Between the two!

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  1. Such a heart warming tale! The time froze for me too as I the story unfolded.
    Thanks for sharing this slice of your life.

    1. That's so nice to hear from you Anagha.. A nice compliment on the Post.. Thanks and Wishes!

  2. Great post. Kids always cling to grandma and grandpa naturally.

    1. Yes.. You said it very much right.. Kids forever remain close to to the heart of grand parents.. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Every item has a tale to tell... precious little tales

  4. Replies
    1. That's nice to hear from you, Rajeev.. Thanks for the compliment!

  5. The little boy so nicely interpreted the statement - Time is Money, and gifted grandmother a money making machine. The story is sweet and shows human joy and human kindness.

    1. So nice to hear from you so, Abhijit.. A great compliment on the Post.. Thank for the same and wishes!