Wednesday, March 13, 2019


No doubt, the inquisitive spirit with the little one at that tender age is limitless ready to probe everything around and explore the unknown in front..

But the mom there sure knows that that spirit needs necessarily to be streamlined for the ultimate good of her child and the only way in front of her there is continuously

Allow, Hold back.. Allow, Hold back.. Allow, Hold back..

And no other magic works..

That sure needs equally limitless patience and perseverance and the mom no doubt fully equipped endlessly with those 2 those gifts of God incessantly works and gently moulds her child's expression towards what is good for the boy in the process equally answering the Mother Nature around on Her requirement too..

The end result is.. 

The boy grown up to 7+ all along gently got diverted from his smart phone engagement and is fully motivated to do the great task of

Planting few saplings in his garden flowerpot out of his effort by embedding seeds in the fertile soil filled in, watering that and further anxiously awaiting for the germination of the same in due course..

Making Mother Nature ultimately smile..

The mom thus knows every expertise to divert her little boy's limited energies towards learning the right in the right time thereby moulding the future personality to the exact requirement..

It's never a less effort there as that job needs not 24 hrs alone but a few times 25 hrs of attention in a day,

Anything infinitesimally less too can't be accepted there, that 'Allow.. Hold back' is the eternal task with every mom and no need to say..

She does that to perfection all the time..

As she is the master of every language her child speaks from the tender age and understands the little one's needs to the core..

Such similar sacred works done by every mom around us is a great contribution to the world and on the eve of the International Women's day, invariably goes around us continuously benefitting the world max..

No doubt Women's Day may remain a marketing opportunity for the advertisers which needs without fail to be corrected and made more relevant to women through educating everywhere

The relentless effort put in by women like the moms around us do and others in so many fields so that the core importance of the day ever remains in the hearts of the millions of members of the society endlessly!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Is Women's Day a mere marketing opportunity for advertisers? How can we make it more relevant to what women want. #takebackwomensday

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  1. The 'allow... hold-back' cycle, if applicable to the attitude of society towards women, needs a review.

    1. That is not the context here, Arvind.. That's very much required as we bring up children and every mom does it constantly.. Thanks for the observatory comment on the Post!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Vibhav for the appreciation.. Love the comment!

  3. A tribute to womanhood! Cute Boy!

    1. Thanks Madam for the compliment and appreciation.. Happy to have the comment on the Post!