Saturday, April 20, 2019


"I'm not gifted by God with the 'usual plus'.. I frequently suffer from 'certain minus' which people around often point. Whenever I protest on that happening, it has an immediate reaction of rebuke and making fun behind. This puts me off in no time and I'm ever sad. Why am I thus doomed in my life forever as an inferior individual? Can't people around have a consideration here?"

I asked my consciousness..

  • "Dear! People around sure have consideration for your deficiency. I say 100%!"
Said my consciousness with a smile..

"No.. I don't agree. The way they behave, I'm 100% sure they don't have that!"

I said with all firmness..

  • "See, dear! The small physical deficiency may be a fact with you but a part of this deficiency can always be hidden in a polished way to avoid the usual embarrassment and unnecessary pointing out when you are amidst your people..
  • If that's not possible, your determination to live thru' the deficiency with a smile will sure avoid this embarrassment..
  • Instead of doing these actions, you are ever living thru' a psychological inferior feeling expecting others to show sympathy for that. Seen thus, it's your own demand for support in the situation which actually as a good member of the society, you shouldn't ask for!"
My consciousness said firmly..

"Why not? It's so clear.. People are not considerate for my deficiency. What should I do here as extra?"
  • "Dear! It's not extra.. Seen in the right way, it's nothing but a higher duty of yours to care for others..
  • You know.. The Great Saint afflicted with a serious disease too when offered help by his Devotees used to say..
"As long as this hand moves, let that alone do the job. When it ceases to move, you can sure help!"
  • Thus passing on an Ever Green Message to all of us not to expect sympathy from others for a deficiency with us as such a satisfaction sure propels us endlessly to take our life cool and once we cool off thus, the one precious life with us sure will be spent in vain with the end having no meaning!
  • Thus seen, people around you who are interacting with you as you said are not really troubling but helping you to have a Greater Meaning to your life.. When you thus express yourself, and live with a thankful attitude for the invariable good they are doing to you, in the process sure people around see your determination to live thru' your problem and carry their
Never Failing Respect for you Ever taking you as their man!"

That clarification instantly turned my till then held idea that

All people are against me

To the fact that

All people are with me

With no logical reasoning behind except an instant eye opening!

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  1. Extremely inspiring! Awesome post, Sir! These words affect us so much, thus making us try to improve ourselves every time.
    Keep writing and inspiring

    1. Thanks Anupriya.. Something worth noting down from the comments of my Readers.. A nice comment!

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  3. Awesome and inspiring moments felt after landing yous blog. Kudos

    1. That's so nice of you to say so Mohan.. Love the comment!

  4. Very inspiring and thought provoking post!

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