Saturday, April 27, 2019


  • “Start doing your work. I'll be with you to help!”
The all lovable father said to his young son helping the boy make a beginning..

“That’s the way I too teach My Creation making them Search for Truth. And I am ever with them in that effort!"

The Divine Voice from above simultaneously confirmed..

The boy started doing his work but soon looked at his dad with a doubt. The father expected that and appeared busy. The boy continued his trial and could get part of the solution. Having got some confidence he started further probing into the same..

  • “Do you have any problem?”
At that point of time, the father asked the boy..

"My Creation too struggles, achieves certain success and look at Me for guidance. I will not give that straight but raise further doubts in them. They soon see it not as final and thus get into their further Search!"

The Voice Continued..

The son said, “No” and started doing further. He could proceed ahead for sometime but couldn't do it beyond. The task was really tough. He had no go but to look at his dad. The father sensing that again pretended busy. That way the son felt helpless for a while. He left it, went out for some time and returned..
  • "Do you need any help?”
The father asked then..

"In between when my Creation gets bored, they get off and go for their relaxation. I wait patiently for their return whatever be the time gap in that context!"

The Voice Clarified..

The boy determined within, said "NO" and was back on his job. It was nearing sleeping time.
  • “Dear! You should use the technique of........... taking....... to solve such problems. Go to sleep now. Tomorrow you'll be able to finish this!”
The father said..

"Again, when they get totally stuck for a while, I will provide the min support thru' the knowledge bank around where in the exchange of a certain Knowledge takes place once for all and further Search by the individuals continue!"

The Voice further clarified..

The boy was quite relieved with his dad's hint, closed for the day and went to sleep. The next day he once again sat with his work but finished it and closed the issue in front..
  • "Good.. Now take up the next problem. I'll be with you to help!”
The father said..

"Thus, they move to the next level and the Search goes on and on endless. Ultimately this Search alone leads to finding the purpose of one's life on this Earth establishing oneself in Eternal Peace!"

The Voice concluded!



  1. Beautifully expressed sir... :-)

    1. Thanks Archana.. Happy to have such a nice comment on these pages!

  2. The best approach for any problem. A great post on problem-solving :)

  3. Beautifully captured! The only way to make a person independent is to make him find his own path. There is so much that you learn as a parent.

    1. Rightly said, Ashween.. That's what parents are supposed to do towards their wards and many of them will invariably be doing that out their unending love prevailing in the process.. A nice appreciative comment here!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for the compliment and the interest shown!