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This week's IndiSpire Prompt says.. Can teachers today be called "the untalented leftovers"? Give reasons. #Teachers.. A short post in that context..


That's how the Sanskrit Saying glorifies the Basic Learning Process in the world meaning..

'(In this world) the Speaker is a Wonder; the Listener is (equally) a Wonder!'

The night watchman on his usual rounds at mid night was shouting aloud,

  • “Awake and be alert!”
Every one woke up, re-checked the locked doors and went back to sleep. A Great Personality too got up but thinking within,
  • “Am I sleeping in my life?”
Opened the doors, moved towards forest, meditated and attained Salvation!

Thus, any learning with an individual truly starts from such basic urge within and continuously moves up endlessly so that all the subsequent contributions of the person from that learning would be helping to meet certain requirement of world invariably existing by the side..

In all such situations, both the teacher who becomes instrumental in imparting that particular knowledge and the student who learns something new in the process actively participate in

The Curriculum of Sacred Learning..

The main activities of this basic System of Educating at any time remain:

  • Molding the personality from the tender age,
  • Inculcating certain qualities of morals and ethics of life,
  • Developing the basic learning skills,
  • Expanding the knowledge base,
  • Developing equally the competitive skills,
  • Developing special skills for taking up specific job/work etc.
Subsequent to that basic Learning, the same is continued at advanced levels thru' various Developmental Programs at work like
  • Improving the special skills related to the basic qualification / job,
  • Developing the Managerial Skills,
  • Developing Interpersonal Relationships,
  • Organization Development,
  • Personality Development,
  • Quality Management etc.
Seen thus, in the whole structure of learning at any point of time, a teacher sure might have contributed/is contributing his/her might directly or indirectly if not all the time at least a major portion of the time else we don't see the present level of knowledge and talent spread over around as that can never be the sole achievement of the student alone..

In such a scenario, no doubt few unfortunate negative contributions from the less dedicated teachers might have occurred and would continue to occur if not with all those students but few taking the lesser path

Which of course happens/is happening in any Field of Profession around us..

Beyond, the record of a few of human traits exhibited by a student in personal life like

  • Caring for the fellow human being,
  • Taking a lead in a movement and 
  • Upholding truth and justice around.. 
Culminating ultimately to the quality of
  • Humility and a Service Attitude with certain level of Sacrifice from within
Complete the proof of

Sure contribution by the dedicated teachers at various stages of one's life!

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