Friday, September 27, 2019


~ When Julius Caesar was cornered and was about to be stabbed by his assassins, to his great surprise, he saw his own friend Marcus Junius Brutus amidst them and that made him proclaim instantly..

"You too Brutus; then fall Caesar!"

Thus ever making known to the world that..

  • Power politics can twist anything and everything making them believe beyond with none being an exception there!
~ The Saying goes..

"No News is good News!"

And that Saying remains green amidst us ever upholding the fact that..

  • Ideally speaking, the best situation in one's life is his/her surroundings of today remain same as that of yesterday with nil changes other than the usual required for day to day peaceful living!
~ When the Great Saint was asked how He could live without working, He replied,

“I have no desires to satisfy. For my basic living, some of you may feed me. If not, I'll go hungry and in the process if the body perishes, it goes!”

Ever asserting the fact that..

  • Such Personalities alone can remain without doing any work or without taking the right returns for their work and never the ordinary ones!
~ When a stranger approached the Great Man and asked for food, the Great Man said,

"I've a work. Please complete that and take your food!"

And when, the stranger retorted back saying how the Great Man could ask him to work when he was hungry and weak, the Great Man said,

"I agree and I'll give you food immediately. You can eat, relax for a while but after that you should finish my work!"

Ever stressing the reality that..

  • A true human being of any discipline should necessarily please the giver and get the required in his/her life!
As the purpose of any work I do in this world is basically to support
  • Myself and my family members at a decent level,
  • Discharge of my associated family and social responsibilities and
  • Equally support a life called my own
Beyond this alone I should express myself to the requirement..

Seen in such a scenario, the News Media too is no exception here with the profession evidently needing its own revenues to be generated for supporting its members at the minimum basic decent level of living and in that context,
  • Certain sensational expressions comprising of the way the truth is presented sure gains importance as that alone attracts the Readers more making them stick to the particular News Paper/Channel!
Beyond this, sure the professional expression should gain priority and that should go on all along bringing out the Truth in the scenario as is and present it to the masses who had kept their undaunted faith in the System knowing well that

To be their only weapon to fight out any injustice done in the so called democratic system with them!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt News today is nothing but sensational entertainment that attempt to tilt public opinion towards one or the other point-of-view. Write a post on your opinion of news today. #News

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