Tuesday, November 5, 2019


When the devotees decided to celebrate His birthday, the Great Saint smiled and said,

"Why not celebrate the Day of Realization instead of the birthday?"

Seen in the above context, any celebration of my joyous expression should ever try to concentrate

As much on the higher aspects of life embedded deep within me wherein

I care for and accommodate

My next man in particular and
My next living being in general

Rather than

Concentrate totally on the mundane aspects of life ever accommodating 'my own'..

With such a firm mind, If I carefully start looking at myself the second time of every moment, the first time invariably being my own interest of over flowing emotions within me,

I sure find certain cushion with me which can accommodate the said activity..

Then why not straight away make use of that cushion

In conducting all my functions and festivals in the right way

Instead of making Mother Nature suffer silently myself carrying reduced respect towards my Original Mother hurting Her deep within and thus celebrate all such functions and festivals feeling myself superior?

Thus my festivals of today laced with

The good and the pleasant

Should be looked at a second time myself carefully distinguishing between the

Good part of it and equally
Not so good part of it

And thus remain useful to me as well next to me..

No doubt, human expression is continuously undergoing change

Ever trying to trace the good thru' understanding the truth part of life and
Constantly subdued by the pleasant by the side


Old may be Gold but that
Old too was associated with cruelty


The improved present day celebrations are 

Ever set in the direction of truthful living but
Equal number of times are dampened by the associated pleasantries of life..

Ultimately it's

My constant alertness and dedication alone that brings back me to the right track sooner or later and makes my life truly worth living!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt How have festival celebrations changed for you over the years? #Change


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