Monday, February 24, 2020


Sure it is said, 
'Believe others but believe with care!' 
And having been placed reasonably safe and secured in society myself, 
Doubting everything and everywhere is unwarranted at this point of time unless 
Anything going wrong is seen/sensed discretely.. 

Thus, proceeding with a belief that 
The situation is under control 
Is ever the right approach in my life, 
My care
Neither getting diluted in the process
Nor made less even to the minutest level.. 

Seen thus, basically 
believing the other man and 
taking care of myself to the core 
Sure become the twin responsibilities of mine in my life 
And to that extent, 
Whatever my 'self' proposes sure should be repeatedly 
Checked, rechecked and then only is to be allowed.. 

Here alone the basic 
Self protection tendency and 
Self existence level attitude 
Of mine at times 
Forces me to extremes making me 
Doubt everything, everywhere with no specific reason attached other than my own fear and imagination crossing its limits with 
The right taking care of myself in the situation getting side tracked.. 

Such is the endless game 
My 'self' plays with 
My earlier bitter experiences standing as the umpire to the game okaying my thoughts and 
My power in the context of course, indirectly controlling that game of mine ultimately 
Finely dividing the whole humanity with an assertion in me that, 
One group is free from all that evil I imagine and 
The other group is loaded with tonnes and tonnes of that 
Effectively taking away my attention from the constructive work I need to do in time.. 

No doubt my 'self' is a fact, 
That continues with me endlessly as on date and 
Freeing from the clutches of that self is not my job at this moment but 
Refining that, towards 
Understanding the 'right' 
iIs sure the task with me this moment and 
With such an attitude alone I should get into all my life interactions with the other man by my side and 
to that extent, 
Trimming myself is the most important thing with me at this stage of my life, 
Getting rid of the toxic feeling of division in me Viz., 

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