Sunday, March 28, 2021


I might have got stunned in life when
An unexpected misery took over as
The dark, thick clouds of uncertain moments
Filled with
Tension, grief and gloom started dancing to their tunes!

Getting out of that misery is
The Right way in Life
Life is ever worth living for a higher cause
And if a strong determination sets in, soon
the specs of recovery and happiness appear!

The world ever watches the man undergo that change and
Here, I should never try changing my living style covering up the misery, instead
Should straight away look up ending that misery within!

That study is a big science itself,
As the man sails through this study, soon finds
Nothing like misery of this or that nature and
The self within is seen as the real misery!

That misery never goes just because I
Wish for it, Think of it or Try escaping from it
But sure there is less of it if I 
Facing it and Living in 
The Right Way..

That Right Way
Can never be taught or learned but is
The Only Way
One feels the best within legal boundaries and
That Way
Continued, the up-coming life alone confirms that
Every cloud has a silver lining

With the Beautiful colorful Rainbow
Replica of
Sure Peace and Harmony
Seen in place of the earlier clouds..

The Great Prince passing thru' the streets of His kingdom on the chariot came across
A celebrating group jumping and dancing out of an endless enjoyment,
A mourning group crying and weeping out of an untold sorrow and
A Saint of true renunciation established in Total Peace and Tranquility and instantly firmed up,
'The only way to be at peace in life is thru'
Renunciation of the earthly pleasures!'

Sure me, the ordinary personality is infinitesimally small compared to the Great Prince but never zero and so,
A certain renunciation however small is feasible for me too which if seen in depth is ultimately nothing but

Voluntarily giving up my rightful feasible
For the benefit of the next man in difficulty!

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