Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Government, Politics and Living....A democratic Way....contd....

Universal wrong doing is immune to complaints and punishments. We can never stop the wrong doing in the world but we can definitely take care of two issues in this context….

No 1 is....Have a system of continuous questioning through whatever way may be which keeps some people some time on track always.

No 2 is....Having noted down where the erring is predominantly possible, let not too much power be given to any one or any one group in the system to decide on the crucial issues.

No doubt, the progress to some extent may suffer because of these being active, 
but we will definitely have better safety in our living!

“In a democratic group where economic differences between individuals are too large, if severe harsh measures in terms of fines and confinement are allowed to get in, the same will be used by the powerful including the implementers of law to threaten the weak with consequences of theses severe punishments to achieve their selfish ends. In such Groups, the quantum of punishments can never be too high. The true upholders of democratic philosophies always know this!

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