Monday, December 12, 2011

Meaningful life....True Handing Over.....

One evening, two elderly friends had an occasion of meeting in a park.   After a few enquires to each, one noticed that his friend was not very happy, enquired the same at an appropriate moment and further asked whether he could know why. The friend muttered a few words but after a few minutes of further close talk, could not control anymore and lamented thus, “These days I am worried about my family works at home. I am noticing that I am becoming incapable and not able to take care of so many issues which once upon a time were easy to handle. Physical working has become a constraint and thus many works are piling up.  Dealing with money matters is becoming a herculean task as my memory is fading in respect of these issues.  I am becoming helpless thus. My children are very busy in their own activities and thus they have no time this side. They are already working hard and I cannot assign them these works. Because of this, they are not able to get what they want in time and are thus unhappy. Many times there is a lot of criticism from family members that I am a failure. All feel that I messed up issues. Trivial matters flare up!    One of my grand child’s responsibilities is with me which I cannot leave till he is a little grown. But, it is really a burden, I am noticing. I don’t know what to do in these circumstances!  Life is miserable!” Thus he spoke a bit sadly on the burning issues at home!

The friend listened to him ardently, paused a while, then smiled and said, “Look my dear, a steam engine has safety valve and you know the reason.  When the pressure builds up inside beyond the danger level, it blows off and thus avoids an accident. Should we not also allow this safety valve work in us in our lives? Yes!  We have to do that! Giving off, sharing, not taking up further works, winding up many issues, transferring the responsibilities to individuals who can handle the same and finally a renounced attitude are the safety outlets in this life at this age. You start doing the same and you see a solution to your problems.   Unless you propose, others do not look that side as they are busy in their own way.   As ultimately all these things go to them only, they will be interested if, in the right way the benefits are explained. No doubt, they show interest and find their own way of handling the issues. Through that they become more capable thus would be fit to handle still higher responsibilities. There are no limitations here. Everyone can do.  Only timely handing over and right education will do the job. Please do this way as I told, you will be freed from the trouble you have!”

While parting, he quipped softly in his ear, “Can you really lessen your emotions towards your grandson and your likings for holding power and money beyond that is required for you? Then only this would be an easy task. There lies all the catch! Think of this!”

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