Sunday, January 1, 2012

Government, Politics and Living....A democratic Way....contd....

All democratic regimes in the world eternally have a problem…..

We propose that all are equal and standard living is the right of every one.   In that context, we will propose theories, make rules, allow debates and finalize stringent laws!

Behind all, the wise know that these are not effective in implementation as self interests predominantly prevail. They always proceed with a doubt….In that context only, all faithful democratic systems on priority propose effective method of not making one person or one group a powerful entity. 

So, the fight is always between ending injustice and corruption in ruling thus being able to provide decent living to citizens simultaneously not allowing one or one group with vested interests exercise singular power as the same can never be granted under democratic principles!

We may have to yield one side but good democratic systems will always support no exercise of singular power!

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