Monday, December 5, 2011

The Only Way of Living Happily….

True responsibilities are only over a period of time and they surely taper off in numbers.  A seeming responsibility with one beyond a time is attachment and it is very difficult to draw a line here!   But broadly, all responsibilities have to be understood as limited sometime; somewhere….Each personality has this limit defined in a fine way!

It goes….A Sage was a highly evolved Personality meditating all the time in his Cottage. He had a goat kid with him by the side. He used to feed it when he was not meditating that is all! Somewhere there was a string of attachment in this activity….

The Saint had to take one additional birth because of this string of attachment before he attained The Eternal, where in all attachments dropped out! That is the power of attachment!

The responsibilities which are with us taper off towards the fag end of life, a major portion much before. There is no point in go on telling that ‘I have to do this or that’ or go on running around where the actions are not required from one’s own Dharma nor expected in general….

If this is not followed,

Soon the world tells firmly one to stop or the body stops by itself before that….that is the end of these activities!  No one should wait till these signals come out…..

So let one be alert here and do that which is bestowed on him/her as ordained duty….difficult to assess and address….but still the right and the only way of living happily….

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