Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Safe Sailing….

The oft repeated story in brief….

An old lady had a domestic fowl which used to give out its favorite wake up call in the early mornings at 0400 hrs!  She used to get up and the village simultaneously. The old lady thought, “The village gets up because of me!”   She moved to neighborhood village one night with her fowl and came back next day morning. The village as usual was awake!

This is how oft an individual feels with respect to his/her interactions in the world.  Sometimes this attitude in one is the cause of feeling neglected  in his/her activities. 

Instead let one look at life this way!

I am there in life around people because of a complex net work of relations and interactions. The interactions are continuous in real time. I have a role to play in each interaction from ‘totally involving’ to ‘totally keeping quiet’ mode. The earliest I sense this level of 'involvement' or level of 'keeping off' to the nearest, I am a safe player!   Else this feeling of neglect will be oft striking!

Let us hope that next time we sense this level the right way and act!

The safe sailing….

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