Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Insight....

The Great Philosopher had quickly earned the wrath of the His spouse and the king.  He was daunted daily by His spouse and the king was trying to fix Him up.  Finally, the king jailed him in a fabricated case and awarded Him the punishment of death.

On the day of execution of His death sentence, all His well wishers including His spouse were present. The king offered Him a bowl of poison to drink and a chance to fulfill His last wish.

The Great man smiled and said, “Please take away my spouse from here. If she stays longer, she will not allow me to drink this poison!”

The ways of living and expression of Great people in the world are always a wonder!  They are all the while friendly to the world but may be doing exactly the opposite of generally what the world thinks ‘The Right’.   This is where the beauty of life lies….

It is never our duty to rigidly follow a pattern and at the same time it is ever our duty not to relax
 even a little from the discipline!  Being continuously aware to a great extent where I am in this scenario itself is a Gift of God! 

The Great Saint guided people, “Be as hard as the rock but at the same time be as soft as the butter!”  So the ultimate guideline is, “I should do what I like the most; simultaneously I should do what brings in the greatest safety for me!”

Identifying this to the core itself is a Great Knowledge in this world!

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