Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Repentance in Life....

Repentance truly elevates a personality.

It may be perceived as  little different in modern times; but the underlying philosophy is the same!

Repentance should begin at the heart. It should be followed through a process of cleaning oneself, imposing certain mundane discipline and sincerely awaiting for the improvement!

But conveying to the world ‘The repentance in me’ should truly happen at a level of my own understanding of truth in life!

It is similar to the Great man's preaching the concept of loving the enemy through passive resistance….He said, “The best alternative for people who do not have the inner strength to show passive resistance is to fight out heroically and face the result! That would be the greatest way in the world rather than show pseudo passive resistance to escape from real fight!”

Thus, it is a great responsibility….If done this way, it is true repentance! Other ways are not safe!

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