Friday, January 20, 2012

Social Acceptance....

Social acceptance is a requirement in life; but, not always!   Meaning….In general, I cannot live happily in society without people around me ‘Okaying’ my doings!  Some explanation here….

My doings in life are either 

1) Out of law abiding interest or
2) Out of avoiding boycott in society or
3) Out of my whims and fancies or
4) Out of my own greed....

The first approach is 'All Welcome' and is a must that one follows always!
The second is the best approach if the first is upheld.
The third approach should follow only when the first and the second are taken care….
The fourth approach is never, never recommended….

The famous old story goes….

When a man prayed to God, God appeared to him and asked to choose a boon, out of his greed, the man thought, “Instead of asking wealth, I’ll ask two extra hands and one extra head so that with extra work and extra brain usage, I’ll be earning double throughout my life!” Accordingly, he asked the boon. God had given him the boon and he returned to the village with the ‘Extra’!  Seeing the man, the villagers thought that a demon had entered the village, and without a second thought they attacked him and ended him instantly!

That is why greed should always be ‘Out’ in life….

Lawful action is  always 
to be upheld even when the particular doing comes in the way of social acceptance…. That is ultimately safe for me…. 

But a parallel activity must follow immediately and continuously from my side as without a reasonable social acceptance, decent living becomes a sizable problem. That action is nothing but, lots of convincing, educating and discussing and ultimately proving the overall benefits of right action and bringing out the greater or major threats to one’s existence if that particular action is not done! That way, a lot is to be out as ‘True Effort’ from my side, till people around me are reasonably convinced of my doing. Further, as long as it is a law abiding requirement and the same is quoted / shown as the reason for my doing that way and as long as it is emphasized that it is a duty and no other way would be safe for anyone in the given situation, the pacifying works….

The ultimate of this, is nothing but reasonable peace around….

Better one make this discipline part of himself/herself!

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